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People with growth mindsets are proudest of times they overcame challenges, while those with fixed mindsets tend to focus on times when something came easily to them. It may seem like the best college essay would be about a major success—winning the big game, etc. It has to be the whole film—we have to become invested in the character first before their victories mean anything to us, before we begin rooting for them.

Parents have already seen those struggles—but the college admissions officers need a clearer picture of who the student is before they begin to like that person. That means introducing the student: nerdiness, casual tone and all. Writing a truly stand-out essay is a risk—because standing out is always a risk.

Time to Write Those College Essays! How Parents Can Help Without Overstepping

Lastly, hiring an expert will alleviate any idea that there was more that you could have done. Knowing that your teen's essays were the highest quality they could be at the time of submission gives everyone a bit more confidence and lets you sleep a bit more soundly. Hiring someone to help your teen organize his or her application essays can free up a lot of time. Instead of writing a bunch of unrelated essays or starting over time and time again, a college essay advisor can help your teen plan ahead to make the most effective use of his or her time.

The quickest way to learn a skill is to learn from someone who's an expert in their field. If you are planning on hiring an advisor, make sure he or she has raving reviews and is able to establish rapport with your teen. You want to find an advisor who is going to bring out the best work from your son or daughter. Knowing your son or daughter is in good hands gives you the opportunity to focus on other important tasks such as financial aid and college visits.

How To Write — And Not Write — A College Essay – Coalition Help Center

I've always found it a bit odd that students are often just expected to write these essays without any real guidance. Being an outstanding English student or a natural writer does not mean that you automatically know how to write for this audience and for this purpose. In fact, I've seen many high-performing, bright students who wrote essays on their own that would appall admission officers. Why does this happen? Well, it simple: high schools rarely teach this type of writing.

Students presuppose what admissions officers are looking for in an admission essay, and they end up writing an essay before anyone tells them otherwise. Sometimes their topic is overdone or their tone is off, and when a guidance counselor recommends they change it, students will resist because they already invested their time and effort into writing what they have, and they don't even know how to fix it.

This can be avoided by hiring an expert to teach your son or daughter the fundamentals of crafting an essay for this audience and purpose. It's a specific type of essay that's quite different from your standard high school writing assignment. On that same note, learning to write this type of narrative is not a one-time use skill. Your teen will find that this skill will be useful in the future as well, which makes this an investment that keeps on giving. Like life, writing is a process. We learn and grow from our mistakes, and we need to evaluate how and why we do things.

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Writing a college admission essay is more than writing a paper. It's a time for your teen to reflect on who he or she is as a person during a time in which it's easy to forget to stop, breathe, and think. It can provide your teen with some clarity on what he or she wants in the future. Writing a personal narrative allows your son or daughter to become a storyteller and to explore how to appeal to a wide audience.

Your teen will learn how words can be changed to evoke different responses. It's an outlet for self-expression. Writing about yourself requires you to ask challenging questions. It's also a skill that is becoming more important: graduate programs, honors programs, and a number of jobs now ask for a personal statement, and the same rules apply.

If your teen is applying to college, consider investing in a college essay advisor to help with the process.

The Admissions Essay: What NOT to Say

If you find the right one, you'll feel assured that it was money well spent. Have you ever been excited to start a project, and then you lost momentum half-way through? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by how much work needs to get done?

Application Process

If so, you're not alone. This happens to pretty much everyone.

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With college application season around the corner, it's easy to feel motivated in the beginning of the process and then cave in to your limiting inner dialogue: I don't feel like filling out that application today. Do you think I can skip the college fair? If you're in the last leg of the college application process, and you want to stay steady toward the finish line instead of trailing off, you'll want to pay close attention to your mindset. Understanding the purpose of the college application essay will help you to understand how to tailor it to appeal to your audience.

How would you describe your relationship with your mom when it came to writing your essays? Students are encouraged to be creative and take risks with their application essays , and conflict inevitably rises from that risk taking.

7 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids With College Application Essays

I used my mom as a resource to bounce off ideas. Many of those ideas she rejected would have, in retrospect, led to terrible essays. So I think some second-guessing parental supervision is definitely helpful. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being completely hands off and 5 being over the top involved, how engaged were your parents in the essay writing process?

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  8. My mother insisted on going over every essay, although she never made changes without consulting me first. In the end, I think my essays should have been more me. I struggled to follow the advice of my guidance counselor and my mother, and tried to arrive at topics that would appeal to colleges.

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