Essay on my visit to an old age home

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We went inside and presented them gifts. I saw the glory of happiness on their faces. I had been there for the first time. I asked them about their problems,whether they felt comfortable and happy to live there,their likes and dislikes. They had some diseases like diabetes,weak eyesight,swellings in their neck,feet and knees.

They passed their time by washing clothes,visiting the gurudwara,and making food.

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Some of them told us their stories. An old woman told us that her son had taken a huge amount as loan. She sold her house to pay for the loan,following which he left her in an old-age home. She had spent her childhood in London. She played the sitar too. Some people started crying while telling their stories.

They missed their families a lot. I would love to visit that place again and again. On December 2,we visited an old-age home. The name of the old-age home is Guru Sallah Old Age home. First of all,we went to the Gurudwara,which was near the old-age home. Then we went to the home.

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Although I have been to many places,this trip was very special to me as we were going to meet old people who are away from their family. There,we met many old people and they shared their experiences with us and talked about their childhood memories. Their eyes were full of tears while they were talking about past. We understood their emotions and tried to make them happy by giving them gifts such as biscuits and chocolates.

They became happy and gave us blessings and best wishes. Then we said goodbye to them and left in our bus.

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While sitting in the bus,I missed them. I am going to cherish these memories forever. But,at the same time,I become sad when I think about their loneliness. I wish we could do something good to make their lives better and make their sad faces happy forever. I recently spent a spiritual day,which left an impression on my mind. The day was December 2.

A day at old age home

We visited an old-age home at the school. My first impression about the visit was not very enthusiastic,considering that it was about meeting old people. With this preconception,I went further. After visiting the place,we first offered prayers in the gurudwara,being run nearby by a charitable organisation. Then we went to meet the old people,and came to know that they face hardships in life. The time I shared with them made me realise that besides being old,they have a spirit in them to live life and fight loneliness by occupying themselves by singing,writing books,and indulging themselves in various activities.

The Gurukulites visit the Old Age Home to celebrate Grandparents Day

I was so moved that I made a promise to myself that I would visit them frequently and make them feel wanted. I went back home with the thoughts and difficulties that old age brings. Yesterday,we went to an old-age home in Rajender Nagar,New Delhi. There we met old people. They loved us like we were their own grandchildren.

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We gave them gifts that we had bought for them,such as shawls,religious books,woollen caps,sweaters,biscuits,etc. We enquired about their well-being. They were of different ages,between 70 and Their children had sent them to the old-age home. They were very happy to receive us. They blessed us. We were as happy as they were. Institutions like these give shelter to old people. We are very thankful to them.

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Then we went to a Gurudwara at that home. It was the best day of my life. Last week,on Friday,I visited an old age home at Rajendra Place. In some cultures, 50 is not considered old, but for some 40 is deemed old. This fluid definition is often created by an appearance. The gray hairs and wrinkly face are enough within some cultures to write someone off as old. Better Essays words 2. What struck me most about the centenarians is how happy they were with their lives.

St Mary’s School students visit old age home

None of them were complaining or sitting around demanding others take care of them. They were all incredibly independent and insistent on doing whatever they were able for the people around them. I think that is the part that is most worth emulating. Once we start to lack compassion, we begin to lose our humanity Better Essays words 5. If those of old age were to exercise on a regular basis, many health risks and diseases could be prevented, and thus extend the happy and healthy life of an elder The key ideas presented by Cicero in On Old Age is that the elderly should focus on their present abilities rather than their past ones, and that age does not limit an individuals engagement with life as the elderly retain the capability to be socially and intellectually active.

Better Essays words 3 pages. The design of study was cross-sectional in which they have designed a structured questionnaires to determine the relationship between the age factors with different mental problems in old age. The major objective of current study is to examine the relationship between old age and psychological problems. They created two hypothesis one was null hypothesis about there is no significant relationship between old age and psychological disorders, and alternate hypothesis that there is a significant relationship between old age and psychological disorders The ideal remaining relevant in society is in the forefront; while traditional work may end volunteerism picks up Berger, Those that have the ability to work do so in order to maintain social relationships fighting the isolation, and loneliness that is a major problem.

Speaking with my grandmother she talked about barriers she has faced throughout the aging process to include; coping in retirement, loss of friends, and the idea of becoming frail Better Essays words 3. Data from the United States U. Census Bureau represented a

essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
essay on my visit to an old age home Essay on my visit to an old age home
Essay on my visit to an old age home

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