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I really enjoy this website. It discuss current events and real life issuess. It helps me to understand the situations that occurs when I'm watching what's in the media. I would like to thank my wonderful Professor Dr. Wilder for directing me to this particular website. This is something I can continue to use after graduation.

Thanks Dr. Personally I have participated in a pageant. I was in my high schools pageant and I honestly can not tell you why I tried it, I just did. I am glad that I did though.

I learned so many new things by participating. I learned proper table etiquette, how to speak properly with elegance, how to walk properly, stand and sit properly, how to be successful in interviews, and confidence among other things. I gained new friends, people of whom I probably would have never associated with before the pageant and I learned to have more confidence in myself. I even learned how to properly put on makeup without caking it on and looking unnatural. There are superficial things associated with pageants, but there is so much more that many do not understand until they have participated.

I use to be one of those people that thought pageants were ridiculous and I still do think that "Beauty Pageants" are. I do not believe that children, or even adults should be judged on their "beauty" because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is what is on the inside that counts. With that said, child "beauty pageants" are not a good way for these parents to be "teaching their children," however if there is a pageant that is not beauty based then I am all for including children in the experience.

I think that many parents do get their children into pageants young because they believe it will help them gain new skills at a young age, setting them up to be more successful in life later. Although like I said, a "beauty pageant" is not the way to go, especially for young and impressionable minds. No little child should be wearing makeup and especially not to impress judges. Posted by: Alexis G. November 16, at PM. I believe that there are many reasons why mothers put their daughters or sons in beauty pageants.

Then we have the so called "obsessed" mothers, who truly believe that their children are the most amazing, fantastic, beautiful creatures that have ever walked on this earth, the problem begins when a child develops a personality Often times the little girls who were forced by their mothers to compete in those shows end up "hating" their moms and spend most of their lives constantly looking for approval and recognition from others.

Finally, there are a few moms out there who will let their daughters participate in the beauty contests simply to show them such aspect of life, their main goal is to teach their children, not benefit themselves. Such moms also take their children to soccer lessons, foreign language classes and sub kitchens. I don't believe that beauty pageants are a bad idea, if it is what the child decides SHE wants to do it.

There are many things you can learn from a pageant, an important one being confidence. However, on the show, like you mentioned, the moms are too crazy and way too pushy. I believe that this has a counter effect on the pageant, such as losing confidence in themselves with the pushy moms. Also parents that force their children to do things, make the activity no longer fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Posted by: ashten November 17, at PM. Hello Hilary. I think that beauty pageants can be beneficial, but in turn, become obsessive and blown out of proportion. I believe that the pageants can help a childs self esteem and confidence levels immensely. However, if the parent is unhealthily pushy and obsessive instead of being purely supportive, then that behavior can be passed to the child. I have a little sister who is six and I would not bring myself to terms if my mother would ever consider of enrolling her in a beauty contest. No wonder women think they should be thin, and flawless?

No wonder women are seen more as a prop than a human? We have been taught to look and act perfect all our lives. And learning at such an early age. It is dehumanizing. Adding in prancing on stage like a sack of meat while mothers look on with dollar signs on their eyes. Posted by: Andrea November 19, at AM. These pageants are another example of a society institution that merely feeds into the gender roles of society.

These shows have girls "dolled-up" and in their best dress, dancing on stage and singing which feeds into the set gender roles that roughly state "a girl should be delicate and caring" what about the girls who are not delicate or caring? I agree that these shows impact "normal" society in the sense that it portrays these girls and their mind set that they need to be beautiful and thin to go win. P agents reinforce the gender roles implemented by society and they also negatively impact society's views of an ideal woman.

Posted by: Taylor November 19, at PM. I personally do not agree with child beauty pageants. At such a young age, these girls are being forced how to look and speak in front of the judges which gives them the wrong impression of how a normal child should act. Parents say participating in the pageants gives their child confidence and a good learning experience, but if you want that for your child they should get it from a nurturing environment like School.

Teaching girls that being beautiful with loads of make up on with teased hair is the definition of what it means to be an acceptable and pretty girl. They do not learn to love themselves, they learn the opposite. At such a young age they are being picked poked at for every imperfection, when they should be supported and experience a normal childhood. Posted by: Kirstin November 20, at PM. I watch them not as a pageant lover, but as someone in complete astonishment. I never get tired of watching this circus.

It is disgusting to me that mothers push their daughters into wearing pounds of make-up, and take out loans to buy the gaudiest dress in a shop. What happened to teaching children that they are "beautiful they way they are"? I agree that most of these mothers put their daughters in pageants to "show them off" they way they never were.

As a performance dancer, I understand the concept of flashy costumes and stage make-up. I feel pageant children are being taught that the skills eyebrow-waxing and fake-tanning they learn in modern "glitz" pageants are real-life skills. This just is not so. Self-pride and confidence are wonderful; but these children should be taught to take pride in themSELVES, and not in a pre-packaged appearance. I think the statement that Hilary makes saying that these mothers that enroll their daughters in these pagents are really trying to live the life they couldn't through their kids.

We are all socialized to want to be better then those before us and I think all parents want their kids to succeed to a greater extent then they did. In my opinion these pagents are just reaffirming this notion of what beauty is in our society.

Research Paper on Beauty Contest

It shows these girls from an extremely young age that if they don't look or present themselves in a certain way that they aren't beautiful. This then also reinforces the inequlity in gender a class status. Hi, Hilary! I'm a senior in high school and my teachers have decided to experiment with the senior class and have them do an Independent Senior Project or affectionately called ISP for graduation. You know, the typical "if you don't do well, you won't graduate" threat and coincidentally I'm doing my project on beauty pageants.

I was wondering if you could help me in completing my project.. Posted by: Yani November 22, at PM. These pageants are good in theory to empower young women into strong independent adults, but more often than none that ideal is lost in physical appearances and greed. With movies like Little Miss Sunshine, Miss Congeniality, and even Bruno you can see these pageants just dumb down our society. In Bruno when Sasha Baren Cohen asks mothers if they are willing to put their kids in mini Nazi suits and as Roman soldiers crucifying Christ. I believe that beauty pageants are a good way for young individuals to learn life skills and help them to grow along the way.

If pagenats strayed away from the over bearing nature of putting an image of what a pageant model should look like in the heads of young adults it would be great, but they dont. Many parents today have created "barbie replicas" of their little girls. I recently saw a girl under the age of ten whose mother had the dentist install fake teeth on her own child. The extents the mothers go to for a win in a pageant isn't worth thew childs constant suffering.

I agree with William that pageants can help to mature and stregthen women, but quite often they do a lot more harm than good. I do not agree with young children in beauty pageants because as others have said, it teaches them that they have to put on make-up and change their bodies into something that they were never meant to be in order to look beautiful. It's sad to see the children being pushed by their parents so hard, and it seems to me that a lot of the mothers are living vicariously through these young girls. Unfortunately, it caould lead them down a path of distruction, beacause they grow up with a mindset that they are constantly performing and seeking praise, sometimes going too far to get it.

Our society places so much emphasis on "bought" beauty, and that that is the only acceptable way to be. It's a constant struggle. That could be a reason that mothers do put their daughters in these pageants, so they can secure their childs future of being accepted Posted by: Kelly November 24, at PM. I agree of not taking pictures of a dead body of a person. I do not care how good you are on photography. We still have to pay a respect to our love ones. Posted by: deadale November 27, at AM. Little girls in beauty pageants has its pros and cons just like everything else.

But when I watch the shows like that and see what these babies go through from thier mothers it makes me sick. I would just like to say that not ALL the mothers act this way. These children are not learning life skills, they are learning how to keep in place the system of inequality for women. It shows these girls that looks are how you are successful in life instead of using your brain!

Posted by: Christie November 27, at PM. I will say I am guilty of watching the beauty pageant shows on TV. I have watched them since I was little and something about them has always interested me. Personally I have never participated in a pageant, but I believe that they can be good in some situations. The pageants that offer scholarships can be very beneficial because in the end they have a purpose other than judging girls on their beauty. Mothers that put thier babies and little children in these pageants have to be careful that they are not sending thier children the wrong messege that beauty is the only thing that is important.

Having a little girl in a beauty pageant has its pros and cons. There are many things a child can learn from a pageant just like there are things a child can learn from being on a team or from playing sports. I did particapte in a pageant as a child because i liked getting all dressed up. I do not believe that my mother forced me into it or was living vicariously through me, in fact my mother was not very interested in the pageant but supported me a percent with my decision to particapte.

I also think that they are not sending the message that beauty is the most important thing, many of these pageants have a very serious interview process, thses pageant require you to be smart and a well rounded person. Posted by: lauren November 29, at PM. I have watched the beauty pageant shows on television and would have to say that I am constantly asking myself why would a mother put her child through such a thing? Of course there are some positive life skills that their child can learn as mentioned in the blog but the negative out ways them. From being entered into these pageants at such a young age girls and boys learn that outer appearances are far more important than the inside.

Being dolled up with heavy makeup, outfits that cost in the thousands, and being forced to stand on the stage while judges critique your every move is very heart wrenching. Children should not be taught that you have to change your outer appearance in order to fit into society they should be taught that they are beautiful just the way that they are.

The money that parents put into the pageants could be used toward their college education instead. Posted by: Felicia November 29, at PM. Is it so terrible for a child to be beautiful? A good example of this is Tiger Woods.

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He was pushed by his father to play every day and now look at what he has become. I see nothing wrong with beauty pagents. And what of the expression "love at first sight! Posted by: Marvin November 29, at PM. I agree that mothers who put their daughters in child beauty pageants are trying to live vicariously through their child. Although that child might learn some life skills, I think it raises them to have a false sense of reality.

I believe that it teaches young girls that looks are the most important thing in life. These pageants, parades and the people that participate in them are part of the reason that we view women as sex objects and why people are always judging women on their outer beauty. Honestly, it is disgusting to me those mothers put their daughters in these competitions and basically teach their daughters that they are not naturally beautiful.

I think that children should be taught about inner beauty and not feel like they need to change their outer appearance to impress their mothers or anyone else for that matter. I think mothers need to grow up and stop parading their daughters around town like a trophy. Posted by: Ashley November 29, at PM. I don't see the harm in allowing girls to do pageants if they are the ones who want to. And as for them being sex objects I think that is funny because it is no different then when women and men go in to the modeling world.

They are all pretty so whats the big deal? I mean who thinks sex when looking at Miss America? Lol people just make a big deal about everything nowadays and they just need to relax life is to short to nit pick everything. I enjoyed this article. I think some of these posts really share with the world one of our main problems. I find it sad that women and particularly children are MADE to be beautiful. This self image projected highlights our county's main problem that goes along with materialism.

It is sad that parents promote this notion of false appearances. Posted by: Maja November 29, at PM. I feel that children beauty pageants Exploiting little children and not really stopping to see if they really would lke to participate in the pageants bothers me. It feels that some parents are living through their children and should enter theirselves into pageants instead of their children.

I was instantly attracted to this article because the shows in which it was talking about in the introduction are shows that I used to watch regularly as they were a really interesting look into the pageant life for young children. I thought it was just amazing how hard these parents truly pushed their children when it came to wardrobe, make up, and hair. They way their parents barked orders and them and spoke to these young ones as adults always felt unsettling to the stomach. I find it interesting that child beauty pageants, parades, and etc.

I have seen part of a child beauty pageant and it is incredible how much that mother stresses about how "perfect" her daugther looks. A mother should find her daughter beautiful, without make-up, hairspray, and fancy dresses. Children are beautiful for their innocence and for their untouched smooth skin and bright eyes. The thought of mother's caking on making up and teasing their hair just bothers me. I too agree that mothers are trying to live through their young, but unfortunately I think this is the worst way possible.

I feel like putting their daughters through pageants gives them a false sense of security and will lead to self-esteem problems as they get older. Mothers should be focusing on putting their kids through dance lessons, piano lessons, and playing sports like softball of soccor. These activities build a strong sense of self and a strong character unlike these pageants.

Nope, I have never wanted to be in a pageant. Sure it seems nice but It also seems to give people the right to deem girls as beautiful airheads. I see it as someone wanting to always look better than everyone else. I think the way women are displayed in pageants can be demeaning to all women. We do it in the spirit of fun! I did address the positive aspects of pageants and also stated that these results can be achieved otherwise too. And although I do understand the essence of your message and your intentions, I am going to say that an month-old is not capable of context-means-goals-result analysis.

A child at that age reacts at the immediate stimuli: you show her her favorite toy, she will be excited, you show her a crowd that smiles back at her, she will most likely be happy and smile etc. Again, this can be achieved otherwise. Tisk Tisk TIsk, Lucia. This information is so helpful! Thank you for your very distinct outlook on these horrible child pageants. I do so much for my kids. Julia is 7, hvweoer, and she does shower herself, pick out her own clothes and dress herself. She can get herself a snack after asking permission, of course. I still comb her hair, but mostly because she has so much of it!

And I like doing it. Lucy is 3, almost 4. Maybe even more than I baby Phoebe! Poor Lucy. Am I ruining her life? I have a feeling that the little girl would end up growing up with self esteem issues. Great article! What is the date of this article. I would like to cite in my public speaking speech. Football, gymnastics, dance. People should stop acting like pageants are the only thing people force their kids to do. Crazy parents are push their children to play sport,because they want them to play for something larger as an adult, when they have a better chance at winning the lottery is just ridiculous.

Kids die everyday, a pedophile might be lurking through your facebook pics of your child playing on a playground. And there have been kids who play sports that have died of heat exhaustion while at practice. Football Dads? Hello, I am an I. Freshman at my high school, for my English final I must do a research paper and I am doing mine on the mental effects of beauty pageants. I was wondering if I could conduct an email interview with you sometime.

Hello, Emma!

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Thank you for your message. And yes, you can contact me and send me your questions. I hope I can help. Please do include a deadline for my answer, so that we make sure it will get to you on time. I wanted to post a reply in regards to how informative this article was for me. I always wondered who I was, struggled with depression, became anxious especially in large groups and in front of people , and introverted.

Now I know it was not because of anything I did to myself. It was because of the things my mother put me through when I was younger. Everything I knew I was told to do and be. This article was a life changer for me. All of this needs to end. Making your child dress ways and plaster makeup to their face is teaching them right?!

Thank you for your article. I dont think I could agree more though we have nothing like these competitions here in Finland. I think you have to be 16 to enter a small beauty competition in your own town. It breaks my heart to see this competitions. Unbelievable that a mother would put her own child through all that.

Beauty Pageant Research Video

Isnt she beautiful enough just as she is…? I sure know mine is. I have seen snippets of it on youtube and it is truly disturbing. Perhaps we need to see these things on happen in real life on television to realize what not to do to our children? I found this article to be a very interesting read. I was wondering whether you have any references or sources to support your article? I would like to use your article in my classwork and need to provide details of any references or sources you may have used.

Im writhing a paper on toddlers and tiaras for my class….. Im writing a paper and would love to pick your brain!! I am writing a speech about this topic in school. I shared many of your views and this supported many opinions I had on the matter. I read a story about an 8 year old who was getting botox after other pageant mums suggested it to her mother. It saddens me to see this kind of thing happening to children so young! In my personal opinion, beauty pageants are a way for a mother or their close relative to live their dreams through their child.

I find it unbelievable some of the things which these children are forced to wear and disgusting that there is a TV show advertising it to many more families Toddlers and Tiaras. It is Disgusting. Hi, i was wondering what the ethics of kids attending beauty pageants. Also, ethics towards their physical, mental, and emotional. Thank you so much. There was one small fallacy I spotted in the post and that was the mentioning of pedophiles. Pedophiles often do not have stable adult relationships because they are often the abuser of their significant other; the abuse on children is less about sex but the psychological pleasure of knowing they can dominate someone weaker than them.

By-the-way, this is in no way me trying to justify or legitimize what pedophiles do. How many pageants did you attend in order to write this article? How many parents and contestants did you speak to? How many older girls did you contact that did many pageants when they were younger to talk about how they are now?

Unless extensive research was done- and the answer to all of my questions is a large volume of interviews of kids now and those that participated for many years — then what purpose is your own opinion?

Why are Beauty Contests Harmful?

Talk of pedophilia is pathetic. Should we ban all forms of dance because their make-up, costumes and fake bits far outweigh many pageants — or stop sport or going to the beach???? In response to your message I will only mention the following: Psychology Corner is a blog and by definition it implies personal views and opinions. And no, my psychology courses did not include subjects like judging people, but they did include psychological observations, the study of personality, pathology and mental illness etiology.

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Research paper on beauty contests
Research paper on beauty contests
Research paper on beauty contests
Research paper on beauty contests
Research paper on beauty contests

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