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Interestingly, this is also parallel to the demographics of the survey respondents. Most of the people reached by posts made on the Facebook page were in central Texas or other Texas cities, although there were people in Memphis, TN and Auburn, AL that were reached as well. The top two cities with the most reach were Harlingen, TX and Austin,. There were also some people reached from other countries, including Puerto Rico 6 people , Germany 2 people , the United Kingdom 2 people , and France 1 person , among others.

The post that had the highest reach and engagement occurred on November 11, Veterans Day. The post was a photo of red, white and blue lights and it said The U. With better research, hard work and helping hands, we can decrease this number. Thank you to all the veterans who have made our country a better place, you deserve more. Happy Veterans Day. The post reached people. This was a good example of the power of writing posts that relate to a trending topic such as a national holiday or current event.

The post had more involvement than other posts because it brought the topic of homelessness into the public sphere. On a day when the country is celebrating the sacrifices of veterans, our post was able to shed light on the widespread problem of veteran homelessness. Other posts included quotes from interviews that the research group conducted and requests for followers to take the survey on homelessness.

The quotes posted had the second highest reach with 36 and 38 people reached. The survey request had a very low reach with only 8 people seeing it the first time and 9 people seeing it the second time it was posted. This may have been because there had not been much activity on the Facebook page leading up. Unfortunately one of the limitations of the research is that the page was not updated often enough to drum up much engagement. Limitations of the Research The research was limited by the little amount of time spent with the homeless. Although we were able to do research, we were unable to hear the actual stories of the people affected by the societys outlook on homelessness.

It is difficult to compute an actual number when it comes to gauging something such as a perception. We were also limited when using Qualtrics; we were not given full use of the websites features, such as cross-tabulation graphs.

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Managerial implications A team would have to make sure to get to know the people better and hearing different stories instead of trying to use numbers to produce an answer about the research. There would need to be more time spent with the individuals that you are studying. Management would need to use stories to supplement the statistics. Analysis and results RQ 1. Our research concluded that some background and economic circumstances play a small roll in homelessness. It is difficult to climb out of poverty when you are young, so if you come from a poor family than it does increase the likelihood of homelessness.

The media portrays the homeless as people who are lazy and as people who are using the government rather than helping themselves. Although this is true for some cases, a majority of homeless people try to get off of welfare and better themselves. The media focuses on the negative stories. This perception that is being shown through the media to people of the community. The people of the community then have a skewed image of the homeless population. Our research supports that the media is skewing the image of the homeless population over all.

This results in a lack of apathy from people in the community. This lack of apathy is what causes people to think they can not do anything to really help the homeless, therefore they do not try. They believe that the homeless would no longer be homeless on their own account, so people do not feel like trying to contribute. This is the result of media and politics creating a negative image for the homeless.

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Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Final Research Paper on Homelessness in America. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Objectives V. Limitations of Research IX. Managerial Implications X. Suhaila Shamsul Bahrin. Ashifur Rahman Khan. Susie Cambria. Comox Valley Housing Task Force. Raffandi Rolando. Jessa Dela Cruz. Carmen Mihalachi. Subhas Roy. Abhishek Joshi. Mads Claire. More From Victoria Marin. Victoria Marin. Popular in Survey Methodology. Rajender Saluja. Neil Joseph Alcala. Pamela Francisca Bobadilla Burgos.

Anurag Vaish. The focus on daily survival can also preclude seeking medical attention until problems are severe. Maintaining personal hygiene is challenging with difficulties around showering, washing clothes and storing personal belongings. Moreover, homeless people living on the street can be especially vulnerable to assault and injury.

Mood disorders, primarily major depression, are among the most common psychiatric disorders affecting the homeless. For example, disaffiliation from family and community can have a strong impact on self-esteem and a sense of identity. The Christchurch City Mission estimated about one person a day visited seeking accommodation, with about a quarter suffering some mental illness. Housing New Zealand, through Community Group Housing, works with organisations that provide residential community housing.

It aims to promote contestability by increasing the number and diversity of social housing providers, and increase the housing choice available to tenants and prospective tenants. The Ministry of Social Development, rather than Housing New Zealand, will assess the need for social housing to provide a more comprehensive view of social support. The reforms have included changes so that social housing tenancies can be reviewed. A attempt to provide such accommodation in Wellington failed with opposition from members of the local community. Conclusion Homelessness has been a continual issue, and concern has arisen over people without safe and secure housing.

Factors that can be linked to homelessness include unaffordable accommodation, poverty and unemployment, mental health issues, addictions, traumatic life events, convictions and imprisonment along with the use of insecure accommodation.

The severely housing deprived are predominately children and young adults, ethnic minorities, members of sole-parent families and less educated. Health problems are common among the homeless. Addressing homelessness requires a multi-level and faceted approach including prevention and early intervention. A key measure is the provision of affordable accommodation. Parlinfo parliament. Unaffordable accommodation has been an on-going issue, along with concern over homelessness. Factors often linked to homelessness include a lack of affordable accommodation, poverty and unemployment, mental health issues, emotional trauma and addictions.

Affordable accommodation is a key measure to address homelessness. Introduction This paper examines homelessness in New Zealand, particularly those people living without shelter and in temporary accommodation given they can experience severe health problems. Defining homelessness A working group charged with the task of developing an official definition of homelessness was established in July According to the working group, there are four categories of homelessness: Without shelter: No shelter or makeshift shelter.

Examples include living on the street and inhabiting improvised dwellings, such as shacks or cars.

Studying Homelessness: Using Research to Impact Social Determinants of Health by Margot Kushel, MD

Temporary accommodation: Overnight shelter or hour accommodation in a non-private dwelling not intended for long-term living. These include hostels for the homeless, transitional supported accommodation for the homeless, and women's refuges. Also in this category are people staying long-term in motor camps and boarding houses. Sharing accommodation: Temporary accommodation for people through sharing someone else's private dwelling. The usual residents of the dwelling are not considered homeless. Uninhabitable housing: Dilapidated dwellings where people reside. According to the Committee — Further consideration should be given to whether current minimum standards were appropriate, and the ways relevant legislation could be updated and made consistent.

The merits of taking a more proactive approach to ensuring compliance with building and health and safety standards or establishing a compulsory registration system could usefully be examined further. More central-local government collaboration and coordinating mechanisms were needed to share information.

Final Research Paper on Homelessness in America | Homelessness | Survey Methodology

Government departments could develop risk-based standards for local authorities to apply. Estimated size of the homeless population It is very difficult to accurately estimate the number of homeless, but some figures are available see Table 1.

Those without accommodation numbered 5, Also, the administration can partner with social workers, health professionals, and psychologists to assist victims of sexual abuse and other health conditions to transit to the shelter system Groton, These partners could be technology partners to document the numbers of homeless people and those that have found shelters. Such data is important in connecting people to various shelters thus reducing the homeless population in New York.

Finally, it is also recommended that the State of New York should implement strict policies and laws on rental assistance programs. Research shows that many individuals who get housing through housing subsidies tend to be homeless after some time. Therefore, it is recommended that the state implements strict eligibility criteria before assisting people that claim to be homeless. For people who are chronically homeless with no steady income, it is important for the city to provide them with decent housing. However, a significant portion of New Yorkers who seek shelter has an income that sustains them.

In fact, they might be seeking shelter just to increase their disposable income which they can then use to fund other activities. As such, New York City authorities need to become extra-vigilant when evaluating people in need of shelter. More focus should be placed on the financial position of the applicants to avoid granting homes to people who, in real sense, can afford private housing.

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Strict policies will drastically reduce the number of homeless people in New York City. Coalition for the Homeless. Durham, M. The impact of deinstitutionalization on the current treatment of the mentally ill. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 12, Groton, D. Are housing first programs effective?

A research note. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 40, Menu Menu. Background The current status of homelessness in New York City can be traced back to two significant historical events: the deinstitutionalization movement and the collapse of the single-resident occupancy housing market Durham, Causes The deinstitutionalization movement and the collapse of the single-resident occupancy housing market may have laid the foundation for homelessness to flourish in New York City.

Consequences of Homelessness Homelessness has grave consequences on the homeless families, children and the state at large. Recommendations New York has continued to experience a rise in the number of homeless individuals in the past decade. Conclusion For people who are chronically homeless with no steady income, it is important for the city to provide them with decent housing. References Coalition for the Homeless.

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