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And knowledge is power that leads humanity to becoming a media and information literate individual. Essay by Altom Kent M. Tongol is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. And information is stimuli that have meaning in some context for its receiver. People nowadays reading newspaper, watching television or surf in the internet to collect information and influenced individuals over the passing of time. Media has a big role in the society as it influences the daily lives of an individual.

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Media has been playing an important role in forming our personality, enriching our background knowledge, and providing us with information of any kind — englishtopics. In the touch of the screen on your cellphone, click of the mouse in the computer, we interact with people around the world, watch live stream, communication tour friends and families, we can do whatever you can do, you can post your feelings, emotions, etc. We can buy things in the internet.

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And also we can easily collect information, idea or data to the happenings in our surroundings. Empowerment of people thorough Media and Information Literacy MIL is an important prerequisite for fostering equitable access to information and knowledge and promoting free, independent and pluralistic media and information systems — unesco. Me as a user we all have a responsibility in using of the power of media and information first of all is to apply the proper etiquettes when using these things. We also know what good and bad. Never be involved of the cybercrime act law it is a big sin.

Our curiosity can kill us, so think before you click.

Winning Essay Shows the Power of Social Media and ’Virtual Friends‘

And for phishing, never ever put your information in the internet because it would because your identity will be taken, or your account would be control of others. If you are careless of what you are doing your life will be in peril. And for sharing in information we all know about responsibility and limitation. Essay by Enrico Rafael M. Basilio is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Literally today, if we desire, we can acquire. With the help of personal computers and internet connection we can connect with our friends or loved ones from all around the world. The power of our technology has grown into something very big, still growing, and about to be uncontrollable. And this power has also given the people an opportunity to have the world at its disposal. With the technology that we have it could be very easy for anyone to stream, broadcast, share, and seek anything and it could be very easy for anyone to use it in evil.

To say that the society we live in is technologically advance would be an understatement. Just by the use of our fingers, anything could be possible, and a lot could be done by anyone at any state -by the use of any technology and an internet. Trying to sort the innovations the society has made would make a long list. It is surely a list of positivity, but along this would be a partner of negativity. The growing power of technology has raged into two things: good and bad.

It is up for the person using the computer to use these innovations in a good or bad way. Because when you use the technology, you should know how to accept and face the consequences for alongside with all these great powers and opportunity is the responsibility that you will encounter in the long run.

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  4. Every person knows how to use a computer and connect it to the internet should know the things to do and the things to not to do. Though social media or the internet is a good source of information and education purposes, social media could also be a source of death through cyber bullying and that is one negative effect of the growing power of our technology, thats just one but capes a big percent of damage. For many years, the invention of media change the way people live.

    Proper Social Media Essay Structure

    It influences people when it comes to lifestyle, philosophical, psychological, and behavior as well. Nowadays, we cannot deny that media has the power to change and manipulate things. Virtually every day since early childhood, it has been playing an important role in forming our personality, enriching our background knowledge, providing us with information of any kind. Before media, it is very tough to find reliable and genuine information.

    But today, media has revolutionized everything. Actually it is the most powerful sector of an economy. It is a tool to maintain balance society which is characterized by well-informed people, effective democracy and social justice. Basically, media performs three functions, to inform, to influence, and lastly to entertain.

    But the effects of this are multidimensional. Furthermore, media has broken the barriers of information, so that people that are illiterate become active citizens.

    USA Essay: Essay on 'impact of electronic media on our society' Free References!

    It affects how we approach things and transforms dormant society into dynamic society. So it very logical to say that media is one of the basic need of people nowadays. But there is a downside of all of this positive effect of media, it can be abuse, corrupt, manipulate by negligent users. Media has its limitation, so it is better to know those. As a user of internet or other media platforms such as social media, it is better to have a personal netiquette on internet usage.

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    Cyber bullying, cybersex, phishing, copyright, posers, plagiarism, are one of the many issues related to consuming media. As I said that media has its limitation and it is extremely vital to know its restrictions. As a user it is essential to control ourselves through knowing not only the power and purpose of internet but also its limitation. Today, we have the world at our fingertips. Literally, with the touch of a fingertip or the click of a mouse, we can do amazing things. Instead of harnessing its full potential, because of our irresponsibility, it yielded numerous unfavorable effects—e.

    People from all around the world has abused media. Media influences our lives, it builds camaraderie among nations and it can also create vast deception and distress.

    The Power of Media and Information, and the Responsibility of the Users

    We have the responsibility to share only the truth in media. Let us not forget that freedom is not free, for it comes with responsibility. Be accountable for the consequences of your actions and use media not to deceive, but to influence, impact, and empower people to be catalysts of necessary change.

    He who controls the media controls the people. It is the people who gave media the power it holds and the influence it possesses. And it is also us—the people— who are accountable for whatever media leads us to. Envision a society where people are responsible in using media, people who start meaningful changes and people who harness the ceaseless possibilities of media, it is a society that we can achieve with our individual efforts on being accountable with our power to express our opinions and as netizens.

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    essay on power of media Essay on power of media
    essay on power of media Essay on power of media
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