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Imagine also that the work is described in a paper that had been accepted, but not published, by Nature. The authors of the paper want to enter the fray, but feel inhibited from doing so because of the embargo imposed by Nature and many other journals on communication by authors to the media ahead of publication. And why was Nature blogging their work anyway, ahead of its publication?

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This scenario highlights a need for clarification about Nature publications' procedures, and about how embargoes apply to blogs. It also highlights more generally the potential importance of scientists engaging in the blogosphere. All Nature journals maintain confidentiality about submitted papers, so that only the editors directly responsible for those papers know about them. Other staff — including the various publications' journalists — are usually informed about a paper only once it has been accepted, and with the proviso that they do not disseminate any information about it to external contacts or readers.

Likewise, we ask that authors refrain from actively promoting their work to the media and public ahead of its publication. This embargo policy rests on the principle that scientists' and the public's best interests are served by press coverage of work that has been peer reviewed, and is available for others to see for themselves. At the same time, however, our cardinal rule has always been to promote scientific communication. We have therefore never sought to prevent scientists from presenting their work at conferences, or from depositing first drafts of submitted papers on preprint servers.

So if Nature journalists or those from any other publication should hear results presented at a meeting, or find them on a preprint server, the findings are fair game for coverage — even if that coverage is ahead of the paper's publication. This is not considered a breaking of Nature 's embargo. Nor is it a violation if scientists respond to journalists' queries in ensuring that the facts are correct — so long as they don't actively promote media coverage.

The blogosphere differs from mass media and specialized media in many respects, but the same considerations apply in disseminating new scientific results there. Authors of papers in press have the right to correct misrepresentations and to point to results that will appear in a paper. But a full discussion should await the paper's publication. Indeed, researchers would do well to blog more than they do.

The experience of journals such as Cell and PLoS ONE , which allow people to comment on papers online, suggests that researchers are very reluctant to engage in such forums. Bell Eds. The Routledge companion to digital ethnography , pp. Therefore, in order to understand the effect of social media, we must consider the specific technologies and how these technologies are put to work in social practices Hine, Hine, C.

To this end, we focus on a specific blog type, namely green personal blogs. Food for thought: Audience engagement with sustainability messages in branded content.

What is a blog?

Environmental Communication. Advance online publication. Doyle, Doyle, J. Celebrity vegans and the lifestyling of ethical consumption. Environmental Communication , 10 6 , — This reflects a broader trend, where research often focuses on one-way environmental communication from more formal communication sources, such as information campaigns from governments or NGOs. A focus on personal green blogs can help amend this neglect in several ways. Firstly, these blogs are spaces of everyday cultural politics through which we can explore how people make sense of, and deal with, sustainability issues.

We understand personal green bloggers and blogs to perform an intermediary function, translating the complex landscape of sustainability practices for their readers, mediating how these practices are perceived and engaged with by their readers adapted from Smith Maguire, Smith Maguire , J. Bourdieu on cultural intermediaries. Matthews Eds.

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In recent times, social media and blogs in particular have taken up this intermediary function as well. Intermediaries are commonly understood to have some kind of expertise which grants them authority and legitimacy Smith Maguire, Smith Maguire , J. Smart living: Lifestyle media and popular expertise.

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New York : Peter Lang. In previous research, social media is often seen as a place to get data about how people think about social issues see Matthews, Matthews, P. Why are people skeptical about climate change?

Blog Archive

Some insights from blog comments. Yet, communication on social media is not merely or necessarily a reflection of offline practices, but rather a meaning-making experience in itself Champ et al. Mapping controversies with social media: The case for symmetry. There is a need for qualitative insight in the dynamics between bloggers, readers, commenters, and followers, and in particular, how this influences on-blog communication about sustainability.

We focus on Swedish-language blogs because Sweden has a reputation for sustainability and environmental policies and citizen engagement Olausson, Olausson, U. Environmental Communication , 12 1 , 28 — Our methodological approach consists of three parts, namely: 1 exploring the landscape of personal green blogs in Swedish; 2 categorizing these blogs; and 3 analyzing three blogs in-depth.

In developing our selection of blogs to study, first we wanted to get an overview of the diversity of personal green blogs Table 1. Personal green blogs in Sweden. CSV Display Table. For each blog, we assigned a code that described its area of focus. Step 2 of our analysis was to review and consolidate related codes.

Essay On Academic Integrity And Responsible Blogging

For example, all of the different blogs related to food practices were merged into one category. This step produced a categorization consisting of six main categories of personal green blogs from our selection Table 2. Most prevalent green blog categories.

We chose one blog from each type to study in more detail and used a purposive sampling technique and chose three blogs with a large number of blog posts and consistent in producing new blogs. While each of the blogs is thus chosen from one of the three categories, they are not representative. The variety within each of the categories in representation of sustainability and on-blog interaction is too large, instead the selection of these three is meant to allow for an in-depth analysis of what sustainability on green personal blogs can look like.

In conducting a textual analysis of each blog, we began by analyzing the first blog post of each month for each of the three blogs, from the beginning of the blog until September For each blog post, we explored the question What are the sustainable lifestyle practices presented? This initial exploration provided insight into the tone and content of each of the three blogs.

The analysis consists of three parts. In Section 4. The typology presented below serves as a methodological tool to motivate the selection of the blogs that we studied in-depth. The typology is not exclusive or exhaustive. Sustainable food practices : These blogs are focused on sustainability through changing the way we eat and our relationship to food. Sustainable lifestyle : These blogs portray environmental sustainability as a transition to a simpler way of living. For some, this is about life in the countryside, while for others it is about mindfulness and a slower pace of life.

A number of these blogs also focus on the family and describe sustainability in relation to domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or childcare. These blogs are sometimes linked to a web shop, where readers can purchase items under discussion. Next, we introduce these blogs and bloggers. Husfadern is a living experiment blog focused on food that was started in by a year-old musician from Stockholm, who narrates about his challenge to only consume products purchased directly from a producer or produced by himself.

Through experimenting with consumption and describing everyday practicalities in detail, the blog inspires readers to take up his challenge. The blogger earns his living through his music, and the blog does not generate income. However, it has generated notoriety and he occasionally participates in media events. In , the blog received approximately 10, views a month.

Over the years the blogger has taken several breaks, stating that the blog takes too much of his time. The last post on the blog was on October , and the blog seems inactive ever since. The photos offer an intimate portrayal of sustainable family life as idyllic and esthetically pleasing. The blog is a self-described coffee party or space to discuss politics, sustainability, and pop culture, but also to share DIY do-it-yourself green living tips.

Underbara Clara is active on Facebook and Instagram with 69, followers as of December More recently, she started producing podcasts from August and vlogs from December The blog is inspirational, as posts aim to encourage readers to think about trying organic cosmetics, and educational, as readers are given background information to help them choose products.

Over time, the commercial side of the blog has grown increasingly important and the blog evolved from a primarily personal blog to a professional platform with other bloggers and a webshop. The blog receives 40, unique readers and , page views a month, as well as likes on Facebook and approximately followers on Instagram as of August This blog is professionalized, e.

This blogger recently published a book about green beauty. The three blogs share a number of traits. They all articulate an interest in and ideas for living more sustainably in different ways. All three blogs involve a similar network of participants: bloggers, readers, commentators, advertisers, other bloggers, and followers. All blogs have comment fields and are presented in a reverse diary order.

But the blogs also differ. In the next section, we discuss these differences pertaining to our first research question.

Personal Blogging Ethics

In comparing the three blogs, we begin with Husfadern. Sustainability as represented on this blog requires significant changes in everyday practices and the organization of society. This fits the format of green living experiments Marres, Marres, N. Testing powers of engagement: Green living experiments, the ontological turn and the undoability of involvement. European Journal of Social Theory , 12 1 , — Husfadern proposes substantial lifestyle changes to consume less and engage in DIY practices as strategies to avoid support to larger companies, which are seen as harmful for the environment.

Husfadern promotes the idea of individual action for sustainability, as featured in the following excerpt from his blog: Now, if I do not like the Swedish chicken factories where 10, overfed chickens become cheap food to the Swedish people every day, then I should teach myself how they did it back in the good old days when there was a small slaughterhouse at both ends of every little village. And how they still do it today on the small farms. Now it was time. The post gives a negative assessment about how chickens are currently produced and emphasizes individual responsibility for doing something about it.

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As a further example of this stance, later in the same post, the blogger posits that if killing a chicken is too hard, one should become a vegetarian instead. On the other hand, Underbara Clara represents sustainability as part of a wholesome lifestyle. Small green steps that make a difference:. The post emphasizes that every person can contribute to a more sustainable society through minor changes in everyday life. However, at times both the blogger and her readers contest this idea. This particular post generated intense debate on the blog about the nature of sustainability and the role of individuals in achieving sustainability.

Finally, Naturligt Snygg puts forward an image of sustainability emerging through consuming organic and eco-friendly products.

Essay On Academic Integrity And Responsible Blogging

Sustainability is not about consuming less , but rather consuming better by choosing environmentally friendly produced goods. The role of a citizen is to make informed decisions and consume consciously, e. Thus, in contrast to Husfadern , this blog puts faith in the transformative power of consumer choice through conventional market purchases. The blogger states that by choosing the right products, you contribute not only to your own health but also the health of the planet. The contrast between Naturligt Snygg and especially Husfadern can be usefully illustrated with the recent announcement that the blogger is embarking on a year without shopping.

But, rather than trying to limit shopping to the minimum as one would expect after reading the announcement, she pledged to stop unnecessary shopping. For example, she commits to not buying any more woolen sweaters, as she already has 8 or 9 in her closet 17 January So while the challenge of non-shopping sounds related to ideas put forward on Husfadern , the translation to what it means in practice is quite different. In sum, all three blogs translate the complex landscape of sustainability practices to what individuals can do in their everyday practices.

Yet, the ideas of what this responsibility entails, i. For example, Husfadern encourages individuals to avoid conventional market purchases for their food sourcing, instead proposing direct contact with producers or DIY. Coming in to the foodshed. Agriculture and Human Values , 13 3 , 33 — Such efforts to fundamentally redefine consumption are not present on the other two blogs.

The idea of sustainability is topic of discussion for Underbara Clara , but in general comes down to moderate lifestyle changes. The readers of Naturligt Snygg are foremost addressed as conscious consumers that should choose the more sustainable alternatives on the market. Typical for personal green blogs is that the initiative for the blog posts lies with the blogger, who starts the blog and decides what to post about.

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