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The distinction between these two situations is whether an innovation is being brought in for the sake of improving the situation, and then research is employed to evaluate it, or whether an intervention is a deliberate manipulation of conditions by the researcher for the sake of research, just to see what happens. If a trainee teacher decides to deliberately introduce changes in the professional context simply to find out what happens, then they are thinking like an experimenter and putting the creation of new knowledge above the interests of the teaching situation.

Sometimes it has been suggested to me that research into bringing about changes in our professional work IS or should be action research. That however is based on a logical fallacy. Action research is meant to be research undertaken by practitioners into innovations intended to being about positive changes in their work: but that does not imply that any research undertaken by professionals when they innovate to being about positive changes in their work has to be action research.

After all, studies published in JoTTER have to report the school-based research of trainee teachers - but that does not imply that all studies reporting the school-based research of trainee teachers are published in JoTTER! Duit, R. Conceptual change cum discourse analysis to understand cognition in a unit on chaotic systems: towards an integrative perspective on learning in science.

International Journal of Science Education , 20 9 , Elliott, J. Action Research for Educational Change.

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Milton Keynes: Open University Press. Geertz, C. The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays pp. New York: Basic Books. Kvale, S. InterViews: An introduction to qualitative research interviewing. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications. McNiff, J. Although there are some Charter Schools and Public Schools who share the same building location, their classroom environments can be drastically different which can affect the way participants responded to treatment.

Generalizable conditions may or may not affect the results if this research is replicated. This will depend on whether the teaching and classroom management method of the researchers are being done effectively replicated. Teachers, however, do have differing pedagogies. It is unrealistic to believe that every single minute detail, in terms of classroom management techniques, can be replicated.

Procedure The action researcher project investigated whether there is a correlation between classroom management approaches and academic achievement by measuring the reading levels of the participants.

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The intervention took place in two first grade classes in two different settings. Using the pre-experimental design the researchers were able to do a static - group comparison study between the two classes. In December the researchers handed consents at both locations to principal and teacher to ensure it was okay to do the action research. Pre-test data was also collected in January prior to starting the intervention.

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The pre-test was the Fountas and Pinnell running record which determines the current reading level of all the participants. The intervention took place in both classes from the end of January-March for a period of 6 weeks covering a series of reading and guided reading lessons four to five times a week for minutes. Running records were analyzed from both schools to determine the results. Finally at the end of March and early April the post-test data were analyzed and compared amongst the researchers.

The pre-test mean, as indicated in figure 1.

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X was In terms of a comparative study of the test scores in the two classes, the finding indicates that the students in Charter School X performed slightly better than the students in P. X saw an increase of Figure 1. A statistical analysis of the data, which discusses the mean, median, mode, minimum maximum and range if also provided for each class. The scatter plot showed a.

The scatter plot suggests that students who enjoy reading also scores well on their reading assessment. X, the findings indicate that there is also a positive correlation between reading scores and students reading enjoyment. The action researchers utilized a second scatter plots to find whether there is a correlation between whether students believe that their teacher cares about them a lot, a survey question and whether the student enjoyed reading, also a survey question. X, the findings indicate that there is a. There is no correlation.

This suggests that students who believe their teacher cares about them a lot do not necessarily enjoy reading. This suggests that students who believe their teacher cares about them a lot also enjoy reading. To get a more significant understanding of the dispersion of post-test scores and how they are spread out, the action researchers used the standard deviation formula and the variance formula to measure the dispersion and variability of post-test scores.

The action researcher then plotted the post-test scores on a bell curve. The action researchers found a need for more research to be conducted utilizing the same intervention, with more participants in the similar demographics and for a longer period of time.

It is necessary for public schools, especially in urban areas, to devote a sufficient amount of time in establishing routines, rules and practicing procedures. Students should not be expected to learn and master classroom procedures within the first week of school or be able to govern themselves without significant guidance from the teacher.

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Well thought out and planned procedures must be explicitly taught and practiced in the classroom throughout the school year to ensure the maximum use of classroom time is spent on instruction and not on correcting behavior. Educators need to make use of every second in the classroom as instructional time in order to lead our students one step closer to closing the achievement gap and one step closer to going to college. Classroom management, bullying and teacher practices.

The Professional Educator, 34 1. Clement, M. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 77 1 , Choi, I.

Action Research Project - Reading Comprehension

Designing and implementing a case-based learning environment for enhancing ill-structured problem solving: classroom management problems for prospective teachers. Educational Technology Research and Development, 57 1 , Capizza, A. Start the year off right: Designing and Evaluating a supportive classroom management plan. Journal of Focus on Exceptional Children, 42 3 , Dewey, J Shultz, S. S: Notable selections in Education, Downer, J. The Elementary School Journal, 4 , Situated practice: A reflection on person-centered classroom management.

Theory Into Practice, 48 2 , Garrett, T. Student-centered and teacher-centered classroom management: A case study of three elementary teachers. Journal of Classroom Interaction, 43 1 , Freiberg, H. The Elementary School Journal, 1 , Dimensions of person-centered classroom management. Hertzog, N. Transporting pedagogy: Implementing the project approach in two first grade classrooms. Journal of Advanced Academics, 18 4 , Higgins, K.

Multicultural Perspectives, 11 3 , Johnson, V. Student Teachers' Conceptions of Classroom Control. Kilpatrick, W. H The Project Method. Teachers College Record Lemov, D. Teach like a champion: 49 Techniques that put students on the path to college. Broadly speaking this is true, but it does of course depend on what kind of research you want to do. There is a difference between educational research and action research, though there can also be some cross over between the two. Educational research is usually performed for a different purpose, perhaps as part of a course of study for a masters or doctoral degree, or to investigate a theory, and it generally seeks to inform our knowledge and understanding of an area of education.

Educational research is usually performed to rigorous academic standards and will be grounded in a particular research paradigm and with a specific research methodology. The purpose, in some respects at least, is the research itself.

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Action Research is different in that it is intended to be conducted by teachers, not academics, and the purpose of the research is to inform your professional practice and to help you make positive changes. It is highly context specific, because you are looking into what you do with your learners in your classroom. It does depend a bit on how much detail you want to go into, how much time you have and what you want to investigate.

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Action research is perhaps best viewed on a continuum from informal to formal. The feedback was quite positive in terms of the activity, but some of the learners preferred robots instead of cats. On the more formal side: With my exam classes I like to conduct a needs analysis survey to contrast areas the students identify as weak with some of their assessment and test scores. I give that out in class and then compile the information into a spreadsheet.

I then gather together all the assessment data in the different skill and language areas and I look to see where there is correspondence and contrast. For example, with one current class they all identified their listening as being strong but the test data showed poor results in some areas. This then allows me to plan the classes more effectively and focus in on their needs. Have you noticed a problem in your professional practice?

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