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Im very seriously considering going back to school for a PTA degree. Im laid off now and feel like a bum. For those of you doing this as a career,was it a good move? I havent been to school in a long time , my kids are a little older and Im hoping to be able to get help with the Dislocated Worker Program. To be frank it worrys me. The PTA schools in this area only accept so many students, can I take courses close to me for my pre req , and transfer to the PTA school? Any one who can answer these questions for me please do.

It would be a big help for my family and I.

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I am a new grad working in a sub-acute snf and I love my job. I think this was a great move for me, as I had initially planned to become a PT but got dissuaded and then came back to the field. I really want to caution you though. If you're ever looking for career advancement in the field, you really want to go directly for your DPT. However if you like working with people and really think you'd be happy just doing pta work then go for it. As for prereqs, you should check with the admission office of the college you're applying to for the pta program to see if your prereqs will transfer.

Katlyco in Brooklyn, New York. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who has graduated from this school? If so, your thoughts or comments on the program would be greatly appreciated. And to any other PTA's I would love to hear more about the job and your feelings for it. I'm recently married and wanting to start a family, but before I do that I would love to have a career.

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Thank you. I believe it means you have to take the whole pta program over again. But you won't, because you'll be so stressed you'll study harder than any time you've ever studied before. MountainSun in Parker, Colorado. Aphex in Washington, District of Columbia. You will need to take some additional clinical courses, not the entire program. Contact the APTA for specifics. Thank you very much. I am foreing student, the language is hard for me. THings seams to be harder for me. I know that I will get there. Thank you again Cassia. Jose in Lady Lake, Florida.

Should You Become a Physical Therapist Assistant?

We start at an average of 32, per year. Aphex in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Remember that being a PTA requires talking to patients in a clear simple language. Some times you will have to explain things to patients and their families. Mike in Indianapolis, Indiana. Just get started I'm 43 years old. To become a PTA, I need a certificate or have to obtain an associate 's degree? How long does it take to study to become PTA? Does any one know an accredited Physical Therapy school in Chicago or near Chicago?

Is it easy to get a job as a PTA entry level , no experience, not not obtaining a license? I'm really concerned about it. I had a certificate in Ultrasound and still can't find a job after 8 months graduation due to lack of experience no place accept me due to lack of experience!!!! Radius in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Long drive from Indy though.

Gateway Technical College I do not know of a way to get into a PTA's job without enrolling and graduating and passing the state board. If it were that easy I think many would be doing it that way. The course in Kenosha is 2 years full time and more of course if you drag it out I am half way through my education and there are folks in my classes, already getting offers and being 'courted' so to speak for jobs all over the US as well as Australia I have no worries about getting a well paying job when I am done.

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An ultrasound degree? That strikes me as odd. Best of luck to you! Rebecca Bagby in Louisville, Kentucky. Coder in Pembroke Pines, Florida said: I am looking into a 2 year community college program, please help. You simply cannot go wrong with a Physical Therapy career. I have been in health care many years, and now recruit workers from overseas, and physical therapists is a shortage in this country and growing.

You will always find rewarding work at a good salary. If you enjoy caring for people, using a lot of patience and one on one attention you will do great. I also don't think you will need assistance with finding a job after you graduate. I don't mean to discourage you, but be careful with this outrageously priced program, as you will have to pay all that money plus interest after graduation. I don't know your area, but if you could find a community college nearby that offers an accredited PTA program, then it would be much better for you.

Dr Sal, where's your practice? I need a chiro and have insurance I am 51 and have been miserable in my work clerical my entire work life. I plan to go to PTA school beginning in January, because I want positive challenges in my day, instad of "great, today I didn't kick anybody, today I did a good job in spite of managment and in spite of deep depression from boredom And that matters!

I don't want to be a PT, because of the time it takes, and also because I don't want to get caught up in the administrative aspects of the work, I just want to work with clients. Being a PT Aide means doing too much clerical poop that I'm really deeply annoyed with, and cleaning up things. No thanks. Also the pay isn't very appealing. I can stay doing what I'm doing for it. Jack in Lake Worth, Florida. It's a good career and you can make some serious money if you contract with the right companies. In reference to your question what happens if you fail 3 times You'll have to take courses again pass and then be eligible to take the boards again. Study hard and this won't happen. Sharon in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I'm thinking about working in the school systems with Austistic children and etc. What is the career like for this field? Aphex in Falls Church, Virginia. Check it out for more details www. Congrats Frufru! SO what are you going to do now? Where are you going to work, and do you have an idea of your starting pay offers?

Thank you Frufru. MJ in Brandon, Florida. I'm concerned that the job may be too physically intensive that I may not be able to keep up it as a permanent career. Do you know how long PTA's normally last in the industry? Do many leave to pursue a higher education or a different career entirely? Ihave been a PTA for 15 years, I started at age I can tell you from personal experience it is the best thing I ever did. There are an ABUNDANCE of jobs- everywherere- I have worked in 3 different states and I can tell you that once you get past your first year of experience-I highly recommend working at a large hospital to get this-you will learn everything about every kind of illness and suregery- you can write your own ticket.

Good luck in your new career! I've also started as a PTA at the age of 40 with a chronic sore back and terrible knees from football injuries sustained as a youth. I strongly urge you to become a PTA and start in a hospital on a med surg. So Therapist's in these areas make the most money. At some point, I will have to work less days or in Home Health Care due to my injuries. Due to shortages of all Therapists in rural areas I'm with MJ, I have been doing this job for 13 years and at age 50 I have no intentions of retiring soon.

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I rarely see Max Assist patients where I work. If the physical demands did every get to be too much, you can always work in an out-patient setting or with Peds. Another great benefit is that as you age you can reduce your hours to what you can tolerate days a week, hours a day , whatever suits you. Good Luck! Gilbert Az, my old stomping grounds! After 30 yrs with peds, my friend is dealing with shot knees,forefeet from all the crouching and pushing off from heel sitting and a wrecked wrist. He is an instructor at my college and I only wish he had a 'usb port' I could use to upload his years of experience and knowledge!

I have not found a reply or feedback forum yet that has anything negative to say about being a PTA. I usually place two pts on a mat table and have them perform leg strengthening exercises for an hour. While they do their work, I might perform gait training with another pt.

Next, I might work with two higher level pts having them perform standing leg strengthening exercises while holding onto them.. While their resting, I might set up diathermy heat or estim on a pt's knee or ankle. Before lunch, a cota and I would help one or two lower level pts out of bed for lunch. After lunch, I might see 4 additional pts. I enjoy working with the more acute pts Working in a Skilled Nursing Facility Nursing Home is fast pace, some paper work but very rewarding.

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At the end of the day, I'm tired and sometimes have sore back and knees. However, the pay is above average compare to hospital or outpt therapist. I hope this helps. I am thinking about OTA for the School systems which it would be very different than hosp or nursing home setting. I would be working with Austistic children and cerebral parsey student and etc. So I don't think I will be dealing with a lot the of the nursing like jobs. Hannah in Royal Oak, Michigan. Maishilla in Los Angeles, California. Tracy in West Bloomfield, Michigan said: Hi. I am looking at changing careers and I'm I'm looking into being physical therapy assistant.

It's a bit over-whelming, since I'm a graphic designer and changing at my age but I want to do something that actually helps people. Is there anyone that went for their associate degree in PTA, a little later in life while working and maintaining a young family? I know this will be very challenging. Can anyone give me some advice or insight? Also, I'm not the best in math.

Is this something that would hinder me from working in this field? Hello Tracy, I am 47 years old with a career in office management and administration. My last position was as Office Manager at a pediatric therapy clinic, where children were provided with speach, occupational and physical therapy. Due to state cuts, I was laid off. I go to classes in the evening as I have to work full time during the day to support myself. I do not know how long it will take me to complete it.

I will be studying through summer classes as well. In California there are tons of openings as a PTA and PT in geriatrics, home care, hospitals, outpatients, pediatric clinics The Physical Therapist Assistant program prepares graduates to become a licensed PTA who can work in the field of physical therapy, under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.

As an integral member of the health care team, PTAs provide physical therapy interventions that help patients reduce pain, minimize physical impairments, improve movement and function, prevent illness or injury and promote optimal physical health. Physical therapist assistants perform components of physical therapy procedures and related tasks, under the direction and supervision of physical therapists.

The PTA program can be physically challenging. Markovich gvltec. Students working toward acceptance in select Health Sciences programs are now classified as an Associate of Science major. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ section. Upon successful completion of Phase I, qualified students are eligible to apply to Phase II, the final four semesters of academic and clinical physical therapist assistant coursework. Phase II admission is competitive based on weighted admission scores and the relative scores of the applicant pool each year.

The mission of the Greenville Technical College Physical Therapist Assistant program is to meet the needs of the area by providing a pool of qualified graduates for entry-level positions who demonstrate knowledge, competence, professionalism and effective communication skills to enable them to participate successfully as members of an evolving health care community. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality educational opportunities available for students who desire to become physical therapist assistants. The faculty is committed to helping each student achieve his or her fullest potential through a rigorous academic curriculum and individualized clinical experiences.

We believe in developing strong partnerships between the health care community and the academic program.

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