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The guide will include the following sections:. After reading this guide, you should feel confident in your ability to write a strong biography essay, or at least in your ability to find the right kind of help to write such an essay.

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So, when you write a biography essay, what you are trying to do is to write the story of someone's life. Autobiography is a related concept that refers to the story of your own life. A biography essay is similar to other forms of essays, such as the narrative essay, insofar as it involves telling a story. A biography essay, however, is supposed to be rooted in historical fact, and it should describe your subject using objective tone and language. Narrative essay how-to guide.

Biography Essay

Click here is you are interested in learning how to write a narrative essay instead. It is a true story that describes the life of your subject. You are not allowed to just make things up, and there should be scholarly documentation confirming that what you are writing is valid. It is a story about someone else, generally a famous historical figure.

If you were writing about yourself, that would be a memoir, which for present purposes should be considered as different from a biographical essay. Only use details and facts that can be verified through documents or existing sources. An important hallmark of biography essays is that they are true. The main idea here is that my reading biographies, people can gain insight into the lives of other people who have done amazing things.

This can be enchanting in its own right, and it can also provide the reader with inspiration for his own life and help the reader look at his own life with fresh eyes. Stuck with writing? Essay services from Ultius can help with biography writing. For example, are you interested in doing philosophy? If so, you may find it inspiring to read biographies such as:.

A nice thing about the genre of biography is also that biographies are written about a huge range of different figures in different disciplines, meaning that you can find biographical subject that may specifically interest you or move your heart.

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  • Biographies play an important role in preserving human cultural memory: it is like history, except focused on the life of one person. People have been telling stories about heroes and other admirable figures since the beginning of the human species.

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    Modern biography, though, is somewhat different from the old heroic stories, in that modern biography is supposed to be objective and scholarly, and it is generally rooted in a secular view of time and history. Biography is a modern scholarly discipline that has some similarities to the much older genre of the legend, but it is also different in some important ways.

    So, the genre of biography carries on the old tradition of telling stories about the lives of admirable figures. But whereas the old legends were more imaginative and quasi-fictional in their tellings, modern biography is supposed to be based on reason and objective, verifiable facts about the life of the subject.

    In order to write a compelling biography essay, there are certain elements that you will have to include. Here are some of them. This may seem somewhat obvious, but a human life naturally resembles a story, starting with birth and ending in death, with various drama and events happening in between. This is the natural arc that you should follow when writing your biography essay. Some biography essays might be able to get with innovations such as non-linear structure, but unless you really know what you are doing, that can get very confusing, and your biography essay would be difficult to follow.

    So, for all intent and purpose, we can say that following a linear narrative arc is a best practice for writing a biography essay. These are some of the possible types of narrative structure. When writing a biography essay, you are strongly advised to stick to the linear structure. The linear structure is the standard for most biographies; it starts at a specific point in the protagonist's life and moves forward in chronological order.

    Nonlinear structure is more complex as this style moves between time periods with time skips and flashbacks. Thematic structure strategically conveys given and new information to frame and insert specific themes. For your biography essay, your subject will be the person whose life story you will be writing. In order for your biography essay to be effective, you will have to pick a subject who is interesting, important, or otherwise qualified to be the subject of a biography essay.

    How to write a Biography

    You should ask yourself the question: why choose your subject, and what has your subject done that deserves to be recorded and remembered? Of course, there's a sense in which every single human life is interesting and important. But for the purposes of your biography essay, you will want to dig deeper and consider why your subject is worthy of being remembered in the collective cultural memory. Kierkegaard would be an example a good subject for a biography essay, because his works are generally considered a turning point in modern philosophy. The subject of your biography essay does not necessarily need to be well-known.

    In fact, it can be a lot of fun to dig into the life of someone is not well known but should be. Also, when picking a subject, you may want to make sure that you actually like your subject. That can make writing a biography essay more fun, and your respect for the subject or lack thereof will also probably come across in your writing. A lot can happen in a life, and it would probably be impossible for you to include everything there is to know about your subject within a single biography essay.

    So, you should choose the high point, or the most important points, and then focus on those.

    How to write a biography essay

    Garff, Joakim. Princeton: Princeton U P, Now that you know about the elements of a biography essay, you can follow these steps in order to ensure that your biography essay turns out to be a success. Again, your biography essay won't be able to include everything there is to know about your subject. So, you will want to map out the scope of your biography essay before you get started. The birth and death of your subject are the logical starting and ending points for your essay. Then, you will want to select a few events or accomplishments in the life of your subject that are worthy of remembrance.

    You can develop a full-fledged outline, or you can use a table like the one developed above.

    Definition of Biography

    As Jews, the entire Kafka family was isolated from the majority of the population of their home city, Prague. Furthermore, Franz personally found himself more intellectually inclined than most of his ancestors. This prevented Franz from attaching to his heritage among other things. Both were plenty old enough, but were not married and were forced to live with their parents.

    He climbs the wall to prevent his mother and sister from taking it out of his room. Kafka himself was very similar, in that he wanted the companionship of a woman very badly but never achieved a marriage through either of his two engagements. For Kafka, his youngest sister, Ottla, allowed him to move in with her temporarily when he was particularly ill. In an unexpected change of sides, Ottla agreed with her parents, and Franz was forced to remain at work for full days. This event made Franz feel as if he was betrayed by his own sister whom he had trusted more than anyone else in the family.

    People tend to view insects as dirty, insignificant creatures. As soon as Gregor is unable to earn the family money, he becomes an insignificant failure, again like an insect. This may be another biographical reference to the numerous times that Kafka contemplated suicide due to his low self esteem. This psychological abuse forced Kafka to write in his own dark, realistic style and turn to writing as his primary source of expression.

    Because he felt inferior, the only way that Kafka could fight back at his father was to do so in his writing. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Fire and Ice: An Introduction Essay. Wuthering Heights Story Essay. Cathedral Essay. The Immortality of a Dead Cat Essay. Love as a Powerful Source of Life Essay. Antigone Tragic Hero Essays.

    Stone Angel Essays. Fahrenheit Essays.

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