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The reliance on family and other private arrangements was highest in eastern and western Canada. While before and after school programs were the most common type of child care arrangement for school-aged children, this was not uniformly the case across Canada. In contrast, parents living west of Ontario were less likely to use this form of care and more often opted for private child care arrangements.

Private arrangements continued to be used after the age of 1, though daycare centres also became a top choice.

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This contrasts the situation in Quebec where home daycares, combined with daycare centres, were used almost exclusively. Parents cited various reasons for their decision to use a particular type of care. These reasons were the same, regardless of the age of the child.

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Differences, however, were observed based on where parents lived. The latter difference may be partly explained by the finding that almost two-thirds of Quebec parents with preschoolers relied on a government accredited centre or family-based care i. This result is consistent with previous findings Bushnik , and may be explained by the eligibility of government subsidies within daycare centres.

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Household income had little bearing on child care arrangements for older children. For these parents, private arrangements were the top choice for their school-aged children. Parents were asked about their child care expenditures. Child care programs and subsidies can vary from one province to another, influencing the actual cost to parents.

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A certain portion of parents who used child care reported no direct cost of child care for their young children. This was most often the case outside of Quebec, where about one in eight parents reported no cost of full-time care for their preschooler Chart 4. The absence of cost may reflect subsidies for lower-income parents, which makes parents totally exempt from any child care expenses. Alternatively, the actual cost of child care may not be borne by the parents themselves, as other family members or friends may pay for the cost of care.

In other cases, the non-parental care provider may be unpaid. The cost of care is generally tied to hours of care, with fewer hours of care translating into reduced expenditures for parents.

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This means that costs are typically lower for older children, who are enrolled in school full-time and spend only part of their time in child care. A fairly even spilt in cost was observed among parents living outside the province of Quebec. No marked difference in cost was evident between private arrangements and before and after school services. Overall, most parents were satisfied with their main type of child care arrangement.

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About half of all Canadian parents used some form of child care for their children aged 14 years and younger in Overall, child care rates peaked between the ages of 2 and 4, then subsequently declined with increasing age. Across all ages, Quebec parents were most likely to turn to child care. The types of child care arrangements varied by province. Private arrangements, such as family members and nannies, were most common in eastern and western Canada, while daycare centres were most frequently used in Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. The target population included all persons 15 years and older living in the ten provinces of Canada, excluding full-time residents of institutions.

In , all respondents were interviewed by telephone. Households without telephones or with only cellular phone service were excluded. This proportion may be higher for due to the likely increase in cellular-only households. Once a household was contacted, an individual 15 years or older was randomly selected to respond to the survey.

The sample size in was 22, respondents. For this report, the target population included all parents who lived in the same household as their child aged 14 years or younger. Data collection took place in Computer assisted telephone interviewing CATI was used to collect data. Respondents were interviewed in the official language of their choice. The overall response rate was Types of non-response included respondents who refused to participate, could not be reached, or could not speak English or French.

Survey estimates were weighted to represent the non-institutionalized Canadian population aged 15 years or over. As with any household survey, there are some data limitations. The results are based on a sample and are therefore subject to sampling error.

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Somewhat different results might have been obtained if the entire population had been surveyed. This article uses the coefficient of variation CV as a measure of the sampling error.

2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid
2006 contest essay kid

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