Dangers of teenage drinking essay

The Effects Of Drinking On Underage Drinking

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I have to write a piece of coursework on underage drinking, here is my draft 1,Is there any way to improve? Thanks Alcohol. Some say it is fun, sociable and helps boost confidence. Little do they know the possible life threatening dangers of the substance. Alcohol does not only affect an individual it affects their families. Drinking alcohol has a similar affect on your body as eating pure fat. It's a fact.

What Is Drinking and Driving (DUI)?

In today's society teenagers are now getting involved in the drug known as alcohol, which is scandalous, unwanted and ill-flavoured. Some may find it a shock that underage drinking is against the law. This is definitely the reason behind why teenagers might find themselves drinking alcohol in a dark park.

Imagine you are walking your dog or your child through the park and all of a sudden it is riddled with swear words blasting out of the drunken teens mouth while you are with your child or all alone with your dog. How would this make you feel? Threatened, intimidated? When teenagers drink they drink less often that adults but when they do they drink a lot more than adults, which can be classed as binge drinking. Being under the influence is threatening behaviour to the general public. Teenagers get drunk a lot easier than adults, but they don't seem to know this and its almost as if they are trying to say "Look, I can drink more than my parents!

Threatening their life, alcohol affects nearly every vital organ in the body, while the body is growing fast this is not a good idea. The impaired judgment which is what you buy in a bottle of alcohol is threatening the public, teenagers don't know when to stop drinking, they could do things they will regret massively, unprotected sex, vandalism and drug involvement they would not do these things sober.

Yet still have no control over themselves. Would you like this to happen to your child?

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So just think again when you buy "just" the couple of bottles your teenager, think of the threats to them, the family, and society. Yet teenagers still want to be an adult and enjoy themselves with alcohol. Someone saying alcohol is fun needs a reality check. Parents are becoming increasingly scared to send their children to specific schools because these schools have bad reputations for underage drinking.

It is no secret…. It 's all fun and games, but what they don 't show is the aftermath and how behind it all is the issues that ends all the fun and games of drinking and being drunk. As a result, many teens can end up in life-threatening situations that could alter their lives forever. The drinking age should not be lowered to 18 because brain growth of teens that age are underdeveloped, there is increased death that comes with drinking and driving, and the earlier a teen starts drinking, the more at risk….


Persuasive Underage Drinking Essay Help - The Student Room

The main one being underage drinking, it is an unspoken rule that it is okay to drink before we are twenty-on. I found the section where Toren discusses…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Home Page Underage Drinking Essay. Show More. Maybe if schools would educate students about alcohol and its negative effects, students would be well educated about this problem before they are exposed.

Physical Effects

All schools set policies to protect their students from negative distractions including alcohol. However, schools policies may not be strict enough. According to the Century College handbook, alcohol is the most abused drug in the United States today. Century has a dry campus; therefore, there is a zero tolerance policy. If a student is caught with alcohol they will immediately be turned over to the police force. Not all campuses are this way.

Having this policy gives students the go ahead to drink. All campuses should be dry campuses and have no tolerance policies.

Drinking And Driving Essay: Risk For Everyone

This way students would have much more to lose, and less of an incentive to drink underage. A teenage drunk driver is a dangerous driver on the road. A drunk teenager is not able to judge. He is so far from this in such a condition.

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People do know when they have already passed the limited zone. However, they never realize they cannot take the wheel. Another danger appears when a drunk teenager sits in a car with a drunk teenage driver. Such a passenger cannot consider the things properly. It is always a problem. One is never sure whether his friend will drive him home safely. Receive an article on friendship quickly and easily.

It is a huge mistake to think that, if your kids drink alcohol with friends at your house, it will prevent them from committing serious mistakes. You still not control them. Alcohol brings the same harm to their bodies as if they were drinking somewhere else. At least you can forbid drunk driving. By the way, drinking stimulate weight gaining. You can find out more about weight and how to lose it in Losing Weight Secrets. Do you know what is our main task? Support is our goal. You should choose us.

Only with our team you will improve your writing skills. It is a common problem in every city. Sometimes even families die because of a drunk driver who does not control himself. Alcohol in blood at its high point causes car accidents. This situation has one positive side: everyone can prevent it. Order an essay on alcohol addiction and get it within deadline. Pay us to write paper at a fixed date.

Do not miss your chance.

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Even in the state of drunkenness a person may control himself. Anyone knows that it is dangerous to drink and then drive. Still, when it comes to the very moment people choose another position. This is your decision. Everything is in your hands. Come on, stop complaining and control yourself. Do not let depression or other thing ruin your life.

Although we live in time of huge progress, drunk driving remains one of the main problems. Bad roads often become a reason for car crashes. All in all, society makes efforts to protect its people. They build new good highways, rebuild vehicles, and make them more safety. Bad roads and a drunk driver are bad friends. You can check drunk driving statistic.

Nevertheless, as we have already mentioned, each person has to take care of himself. It is written below how to do it. Do not take the wheel when you are drunk. Protect yourself and citizens from injuries.

dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay
dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay
dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay
dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay
dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay
dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay
dangers of teenage drinking essay Dangers of teenage drinking essay

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