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Through the social, legal and moral structures of the United States, defining religion has become imperative. In order for religious. The purpose of their study was to examine whether attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration held by medical, social worker, and nursing students changed after completing an interprofessional curriculum. To measure the attitude toward nurses and nursing services the Jefferson School of Attitudes Toward Physician-nurse Collaboration.

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In relation to that, I include this study into a paradigm in the field of qualitative research. This option was taken under consideration the social benefits within this research, which I believe. Theories are attempts to describe the interactions between individuals, families, organizations, policies, and social groups. In clinical social work, a theory is the basis with which one is able to assess problems and form treatment goals. In macro social work, a theory provides a framework with which one is able to understand and work to change policies.

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Results One hundred and four students volunteered for the training and completed a university-approved informed consent. Sample characteristics, previous experience with older adults, and primary reason for choosing specialty in gero-social work are presented in Table 1. The mean age was 27 years range of yrs. A significant number had prior volunteer experience with older persons. Field internships varied from medical surgery units to specialty units. Case study 4: This is a case study course of 10 group sessions with eight children three girls and five boys in the ages of 10 to The children were seen in the setting of a special education school.

They selected as they were fairly high functioning, although two of them were not, but joined as they were in the same age and could benefit improvement in their communication skills by working with peers Miller. Since life-threatening child abuse occurs most often in infants, the children in the study were two years old or younger. The study found that elevated stress of a soldier returning home increased the risk. Moreover, I was also given the chance to demonstrate my Korean language skills in placement.

In fulfilling these duties agencies are assisted by guidance published by the Department of Health. Working Together to Safeguard Families DoH, , directs inter-professional practice where children may be experiencing risk of significant harm, whilst Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and Their Families DoH, , provides broad guidance on the conduct of various types of assessment, including the level and nature of the need, the type of appropriate services to meet the assessed need, and how, when, and by whom, such services will be delivered, Harwarth, To date such interim assessments have seen Josie and Perdita placed with a specialist Mother and baby foster carer, however, it.

In addition, in circumstances where the authority intends to accommodate a child with a parent or someone with parental responsibility, the authority must first review the proposed arrangements according to regulations made under Section 26 of the Children Act , that is a review by an Independent Reviewing Officer. A sensitive balance needs to be struck by reviewing the placement whilst also promoting a sense of permanence and stability for the child and carers, Warman, Integral to the review is the Every Child Matters ethos, whereby the government seeks to guarantee equal opportunities for all children.

Adding further weight, Article 8 of The Humans Rights Act outlines a persons right to respect for their private life and family, whilst the Mental Capacity Act , provides a statutory framework to empower and protect people who may lack capacity to make some decisions for themselves HMG, The act makes it clear who can make the decisions, and in which situations, and how they should go about this.

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The Adoption and Children Act , introduced a completely new court order, Special Guardianship , which provides another option for legal permanence for children who cannot grow up with their birth families. Under the Act Special Guardianship is an order made by the court that places a child or a young person to live with someone permanently, and gives legal status for non parents who wish to care for that child or young person in a long term secure placement.

A residence order is an order from the court to say who the child should live with. Long term fostering offers a similar approach, but it does not always allow the child or young person to feel a sense of security and belonging Rushton, The role of a family court in child protection cases is to make rulings about the rights to custody of the children involved, Shepard, A family court can be convened where the state, on the advice of care agencies, seek custody of a child or children.

The family court hears evidence and recommendations from social service workers, doctors, mental health workers and other professionals.

If the family court finds that the potential risk to children is too high then it may rule that custody should be removed from the parents and given, either temporarily or permanently, to the State Schepard, The case of Michael and Perdita has reached the point where it has been recommended that Care proceedings in a family court take place and a decision over placement be made.

With effect from 6 th April The Family Procedure Rule came into force for all family proceedings, including adoption proceedings. My recommendation would be for the Child Protection Conference to take place as required under the legislation. Care professionals would then have the opportunity to decide whether legal proceedings ought to be brought on behalf of the children.


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This conference is a legal requirement and events have transpired to the point that this now cannot be avoided or delayed, however I would advocate that the outcome should, for now, include Perdita staying under the supervision of Josie, with the continued support of the foster mother Mary, whilst a more robust plan of support was investigated and recommendations made for additional support and education to aid improvements in her parenting capacity.

I would further advocate for Michael to be placed with his grandfather under a special guardianship arrangement. In the short term, Perdita remains a potential safeguarding issue. The staff have concerns over her being smacked and if this was viewed as a regular occurrence then most professionals would agree that Perdita was at least subject to inadequate parenting, whereas others would go further, and describe this as physical maltreatment, Harwarth, However, it must be born in mind that Josie may believe that she is attempting to be a good mother and merely modelling her own behaviour on her own experiences Bandura The reason for Josie taking an excessive disciplinary approach to Perdita may be linked to her own experience of childrearing.

If Josie was herself physically or emotionally maltreated, she may have developed ambivalent or disorganised attachment behaviours which apply to her own parenting relationship with Perdita, Ainsworth , Dominelli, The following legislation provides for the recommended solutions for this case study. The Children Act states that, where possible, the welfare of the children must be attempted inside the family environment. Thus the Children Act allows for social work professionals and other carers to monitor the current home situation before formulating their final recommendations.

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The Child Protection Act makes provision for Child Protection Conferences and such a conference regarding both Perdita and Michael would be an important short term measure to assess the risk to the children and to co-ordinate a Child Protection Plan for them. Legislation under the Child Protection Act would allow social workers to place either child on the Child Protection Register which would then require the design of a Child Protection Plan, to control future proceedings towards ensuring the safety of the children.

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These plans would clearly define what duties each care agency has for the protection of the children, and ensure that there is coherent and productive communication between these individual agencies, Harwarth, After the initial conference a further meeting can be convened after three months and then further six monthly conferences if felt necessary. However, I must also accept that if such short term support measures prove unsuccessful, and improved parental capacity is not observed, then it may be necessary to bring a public law case family court against Josie as set out in the Children Act Fundamental to the recommended plan, from the beginning, is the commitment of all the parties involved, and the signatures to the plan of those who have lead responsibility, for ensuring it is carried forward.

Some of the information for these recommendations would have been gathered at the initial and core assessments and could have been complimented through the use of questionnaires and scales, Department of Health, Cox and Bentovim, Service users, such as Josie, know little about the servicers available to them therefore social workers must act as the brokers to resources through referring them, Payne, It is important that all those concerned with services to children and families, statutory and voluntary bodies, community groups and families, contribute to the development of these plans, Payne, Everyone benefits if services are properly co-ordinated and integrated, Rushton, The structure and organisation of services to safeguard children are dictated by core legislation, guidance and policy, Dalrymple J.

Government key objectives for improvements in outcomes, for children in need, can only be achieved by close collaboration between professionals and agencies working with children and families, Harwarth, The Framework for Assessment , DoH, provides guidance on the initial assessments and core assessments of a child in need including time frames that need to be met.

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Section 11 of The Children Act establishes the duty of different service providers to co-operate. All staff must have placed upon them the clear expectation that their primary responsibility is to the child and his or her family. Many social workers practice in settings where they complete dual roles, protecting vulnerable individuals, and the community at large, in addition to playing other supportive roles, Payne, In order to demonstrate adherence to working in an anti- discriminatory and anti-oppressive way it would be important to record the specific views and opinions and feelings of all concerned and attempt to build these, sometimes contradictory views into the recommended solutions where possible.

Only by working in partnership with the family could you begin to empower them to enable to seek the correct support and assistance. No matter where they are employed, social workers are influenced by the social work value of self determination for their client, Thompson In defending this value you can begin to ensure that there has been an adherence to anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.

Further to these general aims, policy guidelines and codes of practice provide the framework for such casework, and are there to enable professionals maintain the standards expected of them, Payne, Using the Department of Health Framework for Assessment , as the initial assessment tool, would provide the opportunity to highlight and record the clients involvement in the solutions recommended. The aim of the practice guidance is to make transparent the evidence base for the assessment framework, thereby assisting professionals in their tasks of analysis, judgement and decision making and working together to promote anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.

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If we are not attuned to recognising and challenging discrimination we run the risk of condoning it, or even exacerbating it, through our own actions, Thompson, Giddons argues that power is intrinsic to all social interaction, we therefore cannot escape the significance of power in our dealings with other people. Assessments and subsequent care plans are more effective if the child and family feel empowered and involved throughout the process Department for Education and Skills, , to demonstrate that for Josie and her family you had worked in an anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive way it would be important to establish and document their individual contributions to the process, and ensure they felt involvement in the solutions and recommendations made.

social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay
social work placement case study essay Social work placement case study essay

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