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In a fierce propaganda campaign began with the publication of a Protestant leaflet penned by a supposed Inquisition victim named Montanus. This character Protestant of course painted Spaniards as barbarians who ravished women and sodomized young boys. The propagandists soon created "hooded fiends" who tortured their victims in horrible devices like the knife-filled Iron Maiden which never was used in Spain.

The Inquisition had a secular character, although the crime was heresy. Inquisitors did not have to be clerics, but they did have to be lawyers. The investigation was rule-based and carefully kept in check. And most significantly, historians have declared fraudulent a supposed Inquisition document claiming the genocide of millions of heretics. What is documented is that to people died during the Inquisition's year history.

Also documented are the "Acts of Faith," public sentencings of heretics in town squares. But the grand myth of thought control by sinister fiends has been debunked by the archival evidence. The inquisitors enjoyed a powerful position in the towns, but it was one constantly jostled by other power brokers. In the outlying areas, they were understaffed in those days it was nearly impossible for 1 or 2 inquisitors to cover the thousand-mile territory allotted to each team.

In the outlying areas no one cared and no one spoke to them. As the program documents, the 3, to 5, documented executions of the Inquisition pale in comparison to the , documented witch burnings elsewhere in Europe over the same centuries. The approach is purely historical, and therefore does not delve into ecclesial issues surrounding religious freedom. Their feet would be above their heads. Using a jar, water would be poured into the mouth and nose, producing a state of near-suffocation.

The heretic was then burned at the stake to instill shock, awe, and fear of the Inquisition into the minds of the Faithful. The auto de fe had an ulterior motive.

The purpose of the auto de fe was the church law that forbid the church to be a direct party in death or the shedding of blood Lea, Religious History Once handed over to secular authorities, they would be killed almost immediately. Their families were constantly harassed and were not safe from threats until they left the country Sheriden, It is a wonder that the Inquisition lasted over three hundred years and nine monarchs.

Lastly, Charles IV supported the Inquisition because it was a means of suppressing a revolution. He feared a revolution, like the one that took place in France during his reign Hauben, The Spanish Inquisition was broken up in when the French invaded Spain, but it was not completely suppressed until The Spanish Inquisition is generally a morbid and ignored part of Spanish and Catholic history for good reason.

The Inquisitions at work

The actual statistics of those who died in the Inquisition is conflicting; before recent research found old manuscripts and recordings of the number of cases, the number hovered around three hundred thousand, with eighty-four thousand burned at the stake. Historians have found that the total number of cases is around forty-five thousand Henningsen, Gustav, and Amiel Some , Jews left Spain and its territories during the years the Spanish Inquisition spanned.

As a result, Spain lost a sizable percentage of its population. Spain suffered a great financial loss, which they have yet to recover from completely. Not only did Spain loose its greatest monetary resource, it also suffered a great lose in the arts.

The Spanish Inquisition

When the majority of the Moors and Jews left Spain, they brought their pottery and glass-welding skills with them. The beautiful and renowned Moorish architecture is no more in Spain, but much of it can be found places east of Spain such as Sicily and Italy. After the Inquisition the Jews, Moors, and Muslims made a mass exodus to countries east of Spain, especially since the brief re-union of Spain and Portugal made it unsafe to reside in Portugal.

The exiled ethnic groups, Moors and Jews in particular, flourished in Italy and other Eastern European countries. The Moorish glass-welding technique has been a staple in Italian art and Jewelry for more than five hundred years Peers, Many of the racial overtones that fueled the Spanish Inquisition still exist in Spain today. The Church, however, does acknowledge that the Inquisition was a grave mistake, but states that many of the statistics and reports of torture were greatly falsified and exaggerated Sheridan, Some even say that there were not enough Jews, Moors and Protestants in Spain to account for the number of them tortured and killed.

Recently, the Nation of Islam, a radical sect of the Muslim religion, published a book that questions the actually existence of the Spanish Inquisition.

The Spanish Inquisition - Jewish History

They further contend that the Spanish Crown and the Jews were on amicable terms and traded Black slaves with each other. The book also accuses the Jews of bigotry and racism against Africans and the black race Hunt, 1. It is one of the darkest periods in Spanish history. By far, the greatest number of cases tried was for Judaism Peers, These were also the cases that were tried the most severely. Your academic reputation is safe with us!

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    The Spanish Inquisition revisited.

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    Spanish inquisition essay

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