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My best friend is Divyakshi. My best friend is my first friend, an acquaintance, one who has offered me presence, wasted and utilized time with me, won my trust and respect, shown me love and why I should love, supported and defended me, had my back and stood by me. My best friend has not just done these things to me but has made me see reasons to do same to her. My best friend is a unique companion, the one among my friends who does the best things to me, for me and with me.

She is simply indispensable and indescribable. She is not necessarily my lover but I love her. My best friend and I are a team, we struggle together, we lie together, we fight together, we save each other, we back one another and we survive in this order. We may not be one but we make one. We may not be so strong but united, we stand tall. Friends are an integral part of your life, be the school years, the college life, colleagues at office or friends near your house.

Everyone needs friends to share their feelings, spend some good time and relax in life. I am fortunate to have such a friend in my life on which I can just rely for anything. Whether it is sharing my feelings, my good and bad times and sometimes even my clothes, I just enjoy everything with him. His name is Rishi. When I was in class 2, Rishi joined our school and our class. His parents have just migrated to our city and here he was, the first time in a new city, new school, new class and new people around it everywhere. Fortunately, my teacher made him sit with me in the class.

He was a bit shy at first, but by the end of the day, we both felt comfortable with each other. Subsequently, when we met each other every day, we realised that we had quite a many similarities and this allowed to gel with each other easily. Since then there has been no looking back.

Our friendship slowly became the talk to the class and gradually we became best friends. Even our teachers came to know about it and.

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But, thanks to all, no one ever tried to create distance between us as we complemented each other so perfectly that even our teachers and parents felt happy about it. In fact, we used to help each other with class notes as well as homework if one of us could not attend the school due to any reasons. In fact, we had this healthy competition in us as to who would stand first in the class.

Apart from studies, we both a common interest in table tennis. We both joined an academy and used to go for practice together in the evenings. The only difference in our habits, perhaps, was the while I was right-handed, he was a left-handed person. But this was also a blessing in disguise for us as due to this very reason we made a good team and were even selected in our school team to play as a doubles team. We both won many competitions together and brought accolades to the school.

This made our parents as well as school teachers very proud of us. After our schooling, we got separated as we both chose different career paths. While I went on to become an engineer, Rishi went to a different city to become a scientist. But, as life would have it, after some years, we both landed in the same city and came in contact with each other again. My best friend has been the biggest strength for me in my life.

During the weekend, we went to a short cookery course as well, and we sometimes get a kick out of the chance to cooperate in the kitchen and make some creative dishes. My friend and I appreciate watching films together amid occasions or excursions. We like watching comedies. In my times of need, my best friend has been a pillar of strength for me. Not only did he take care to see that I resolve my issues, but also ensured that my family is not affected much due to the turmoil in my professional life. He has always encouraged me to face problems as they are and not to duck under during adverse situations.

I am glad that I have such a friend in my life on which I can rely on blindly. True friendship is the most prized thing in the world. Although, it may be, at times, that one does not have a friend whom one can call as a best friend. But, if you are able to find someone like a best friend to you, it is perhaps, the greatest joy in the world. The mutual understanding and honesty which can be shown by your best friend cannot be done by anyone else in the world. Friends are the family that we get to choose. Blessed are those who have a best friend for life.

A best friend is nothing less than a precious gem. And I am lucky to have such a person in my life. My family used to live in Lucknow. But then a few years ago my father got transferred and we came to the town of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. Everything was new here. The neighborhood, the market, and even the school. I was not liking it here much. At this new school, nobody knew me.

As I was shy, I had difficulty making friends and felt lonely all the time. During the lunch breaks, I used to have lunch all by myself. Although the teachers were nice to me, I still missed my old school. One day, when I was sitting in my seat, a girl came to me and introduced herself. She was Deepa.

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She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to have the lunch with her. That day, we spent a great time together. We told each other about ourselves, our families, likings, and dislikings. Slowly, we became best friends. I liked her nature. She was soft-spoken and always had a smile on her face. The school was close to my home but Deepa used to come to school by cycle. So, when the school would be over, we would often walk together till we reached my home.

From there, we would say goodbye to each other and she would start riding the cycle to her home. A few weeks passed by. The weather was changing and I had a high fever. It was a viral infection, so I needed a bed-rest all the time. I had to miss the classes. I was also worried about the coming exams, wondering how I would cover the unattended chapters.

To my surprise, Deepa came to visit me as she already knew my address. She was worried about my health but she consoled me and asked me not to panic about the studies. Next day, when she came to my house, there were plenty of photocopied notes with her. It was all for me so that I could study easily. My best friend would stay with me for a few hours to explain the difficult concepts and chapters in mathematics and other subjects.

Gradually, my health was improving and I had also prepared most of the syllabus for the upcoming exam. In my heart, I felt so lucky to have Deepa as my best friend. When the exam results came, we both had passed with good marks. Later I made a greeting card for her to express my affection and gratitude toward her. She was so excited and happy to see it.

After that incident, our families also developed a bonding. I and Deepa became inseparable sisters.


I and the other classmates in the school had planned a day out for her. In the evening, there was a party at her house. So, we all decided to give her a surprise party and take her to a nearby picnic spot in the afternoon. Everybody contributed a little for the cake and snacks. Deepa came to school in her lovely sky blue frock. She looked like a fairy. After the school was over, we took her to the picnic spot. She cut the cake and we all enjoyed the snacks. Deepa was thrilled with her surprise party.

After everybody had eaten, we all decided to enjoy the boat ride. Only 4 people could come in one boat. So, with two other girls, Deepa and I settled in a boat. Rest of the students took separate boats. It was a pleasant day. The lake was small but beautiful and the wind was so cool. We were all singing together and cheering up. In the clear blue water of the lake, we could see the colorful fishes swimming rapidly.

There were also ducks and swans adding to the beauty of the scene. Everybody started clapping looking at those pretty birds. Deepa also became quite excited. Just when she was trying to wave her hand and touch the ducks, she lost her balance. Before anyone could understand, she slipped into the lake. Everyone was shocked to see this. Without losing a minute, I jumped into the water. Nobody knew but I had learned swimming in my previous school.

At a distance, I could see Deepa struggling in the water. I swam to her and grabbed her arm. Soon, the boat arrived there and the girls pulled us out one by one. For a few minutes, Deepa was unable to breathe. But with some efforts, the water came out of her mouth and she started feeling better. Unfortunately Bear was an older dog and passed away over night which still shocked my whole family because he played like a puppy the night before I went to sleep. I was so devastated and could not stop crying, I told my mom through streaming tears that I never want another dog again.

I was so distraught that I actually thought I would never again be able to love another dog. After a few months of grieving the loss of my wonderful dog Bear, I asked my mom if. The Help I Need There is a special person in my life that helped me through everything and helped me find myself. This special someone is Kenneth Colleen; which is my best friend.

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He is eighteen years old and works as a male nurse. He is five feet and eight inches tall, a little muscular and chunky, has brown eye with brown short straight hair, and medium toned skin. Kenneth is the sweetest and nicest guy you can ever meet but like everybody else he can be the most selfish and most self-centered. She had large brown eyes and a very shiny black coat. She had a disposition any dog lover would be envious of. She was adopted from the pound when she was two years old.

She loved the outdoors, and going for daily walks. She displayed a tremendous amount of love for her owners, and we loved her just as much. She brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. Her final years were plagued with many health issues. I could say that my best friend is one of those. He possesses all the qualities of head and heart. Joel is my best friend. He is 17 years old and he has a personality and manners that never fail to make a good impression on others. He is outgoing, friendly, and open-minded. In social events he never feels shy, actually being surrounded by people.

Rescue dogs are a better choice than a dog from a breeder as a companion for you and your family. By getting a dog from a rescue you are helping with overpopulation and at the same time getting rewarded. Jordan By far one of the most amazing friends I have ever had is Jordan. Her personality and perspective on life have helped me through good and bad experiences. Jordan and I have a friendship that people search for their whole lives. If they do find such a friendship, they keep that friendship forever.

We draw attention in crowds because of our loud personalities and ridiculous laughs. Jordan has a smile and a laugh that make you want to know what she is smiling about. You very rarely see her. This story is about people that are smart and dumb. It features an iPod that had all of the songs that the group liked. This almighty iPod was the sole entertainer in the car. It was supposed to last the entire trip; however, it had broken during the second half of the trip.

One was a theoretical physicist. Another was NASA engineer, while another was an experimental physicist. The last person was a waitress. Frankly speaking, at first I did not like the idea of having to be with an old person that was quite natural because I was only seven year old who needed a friend.

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Probably at that age I did not fully understand what is it a friend but now looking back in the past and reflecting on my friendship. She always wears a long jeans with a school jumper. She has her wavy hair in plaits. The pair of brown eyes are shinning like the collection stars in the sky. Her lip is rosy and her smiles is as beautiful as angel. She is still look cute and gorgeous although freckles over her nose.

I always go to school with Felicia as we are the neighbour and the classmate. We have known each other for eight. Wherever people are, they can start a conversation with strangers and then, they get a new friend. People have friends around the world, but best friends are countable with the hand, and just few people can call really best friend. People think that best friend is a persona who tell nice things and support all the time, while I think that best friend tells always the truth even when the truth is critical. For example, I know my best friend. I ran down the stairs to the living room and found the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

She ran straight to me with no hesitation at all it was as if she knew that I was her new best friend, there was a connection between her and I. I bent down to pick her up and she gave me my first wet kiss, the best. This is also the person who probably puts cake on your face first at your birthday party. While on the other hand Guy best friends like to play sports and rough house together. Now girl-guy best friends are a little more.

Books and friends should be few but good a proverb. The quote, "Books like friends, should be few and well-chosen. I remember I saw this quote for the first time on a book mark. Through the years, it has proved over and over to be one of life's truths for me. Books are our never failing friends. They are our best friends, philosophers and guides.

Friends are plenty when the purse is full but fair-weather friends fall off in adversity. Who can love you more than your parents! I know that my life would be better. Because my current dog Foxy, is there when I need her we do everything together. I even ride my bike and walk her at the same time. I look forward to getting my first car. I hope my parents surprise me with a sweet sixteen and have my hot pink Dodge Charger sitting out front.

I also have the dream of being a very prominent entrepreneur in the future. I also hope to make changes when it comes. I too live in the society and therefore like to make friends. By now I have a number of friends. Some of them are however mere acquaintances. A true friend is one who stands the test of adversity. A friend in need is a friend indeed. He shares our joys and sorrows. Of all my friends, however, one stands out head and shoulders above other. He is Krishan Krishan is my chum, my best friend and a jewel among boys.

Krishan is my class-fellow. We sit at the same desk. We study together. We go. I could not feel my feet strike the ground, nor could I hear the many voices gossiping around me. While all students at Hotchkiss High School were enjoying a normal break between 6th and 7th hour, I was experiencing some of the most surreal four minutes of my life. I was the only one who knew what had happened. There had been a horrific car accident earlier that morning. It was someone I knew.

It was my best friend. You will always have friends but there is always that one friend who is the absolute best. My best friend is my cousin Ashley. Even though she is small she has more personality than anyone I have ever met. She is so much more than just my cousin and my best friend. She is my sister. People that impact your life most should leave marks that last a lifetime.

The person that impacted my life most was my best friend. Even though I did not know her for the longest time, it feels like she has been with me for my whole life. She has taught me life lessons, taken care of me, and most importantly, supported me when I needed her most. When I started church school, I discovered a loud, obnoxious, annoying. Shelby Carlson English Death of my Best Friend! Standing on the beach walking along the shore for hours, I never thought I would be 15 walking on the shorelines of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia getting ready to spread a part of my best friend halfway across the world.

A year ago today I thought we would be getting ready for junior prom and having our first real relationships. I definitely thought wrong. I was a changed person for the better and Nessa helped me become the person I am today. But let's start and the. One of the main reasons that keep us being friends for a long time is that we really support each other. We became friends when I forgot to bring my reading book and Hanna offered to share hers with me.

From then onwards we always play and study together. She has big brown eyes with. Best Friend Having a best friend is very important to me. A best friend is not a person that will come and go whenever she pleases, and she is not in my life when it is just convenient for her. A true best friend is not an acquaintance, and is definitely not a person there just to benefit herself.

Of course I have memorable experiences. It must be the one who is involved in those cases. You will always have friends, but theirs is that one good friend or best friend, as we call them. As teenagers or adults sometimes we cannot live without a computer, TV, or cell phones, but not in my case i can live without all those things, but I cannot live without my best friend Betzaida Arrizon.

I really admire her because she is very humble and helpful. Our relationship is always good. It might. She is an economist and nowadays she lives in Lima. I know her since we were children and i also know to her family, specially to her siblings.

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  7. I usually to stay the weekends in her house. She has a good relationship with her siblings Claudia and Jorge, and though their characters are different, she adores them. Yanina always keeps a smile and takes the things calmly, but she is responsible. I diligently carried out my chores, packed my picnic bag and off I went to collect my friends.

    Unknown to me, I was to learn that day that the good die young. Ahmad and I were born on the same day. His father and mine were best friends from their days in high school. Their story is very much like a novel or a movie about two life-long best friends. They joined the army and both got married the same. She and I have been friends for almost thirteen years and during that time she has helped me through bad and good experiences in life. My best friend Eveline. There are many ways to describe my best friend, because I have the best, best friend in the entire world. If I had to narrow down ways to describe my best friend, I would say that she is fun to be around, aggressive and loyal.

    She is short, plays basketball and has a unique sense of style. If you ask anyone that attends my school, they will tell you that Brandy is. Best Friends Everyone needs a best friend. A best friend is someone you can share secrets with, and crack up laughing without saying a word. In kindergarten, things were different.

    my best friend essay spm My best friend essay spm
    my best friend essay spm My best friend essay spm
    my best friend essay spm My best friend essay spm
    my best friend essay spm My best friend essay spm
    my best friend essay spm My best friend essay spm
    my best friend essay spm My best friend essay spm

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