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In the past 67 years, there were repeated attempts to bulldoze diversity in the society. But over the course of those years, federating units grew a common bond between themselves. Today, the people of all provinces are more alike than you think. In fact, identifying with the state can help in further preserving them.

The state, too, needs to realise that the desire to see absolute conformity to its views is the reason why it very nearly lost control to the extremists. A state that takes pride in its cultural and intellectual diversity can never be accused of being a hard state. It only gets stronger, instills a sense of ownership among its people and earns strong popular support. The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Excellent, finally somebody had the nerve to clarify what Patriotism is, excellent. We confuse patriotism with Religion, the later supercedes the former and we should be cautious of this. Good article! Its time for more people like you to raise their voices and be heard. Pakistan may finally have a chance at becoming a progressive country.

Muzaffar Ali How can you say justice plus compassion will give one any form of success? I don't understand. Patriotism is the assertion that your country is great just because you were born in it. It is not rational. Just the way the author suggested that people from different regions of Pakistan are more alike than they think; in the same breath one can say that all people irrespective of their countries of origin are more alike than they think.

I think we should learn to ignore the nonsense and focus on the love we have for all the people around the world. We all laugh and cry the same.

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These boundaries that separate us into different countries are based on fear. And love will conquer all fears. Muhammad Khan Excellent excellent comment Love is most important. Mr Pitaffi , progress for an open society is short lived if not accompanied with Truth, Justice and Service to mankind. People who lost everything in , including their families, for the sake of Pakistan Most people realize this, but our neighbors take pride in such arrogance.

Muhammad Khan , great response, the earth is one, humans divided into regions and mindsets. If we recognize all life as one and respect all living beings there be no fear and no need for wars. Patriotism is also not making unnecessary and unwarranted statements about neighbouring countries. The neighbouring country in fact. To rue that you are going down the path of decline made paved by India, in stifling dissent, smacks of condescension at its best, and perhaps, ignorance at its worst. It does smack of jingoism, sophisticatedly though. Love your country. Love your neighbour. No body wins a war.

Its foolish to say so, Battles are fought since times immemorial.

Its like saying that, No matter I lost one eye but I have a satisfaction that you lost both the eyes. A rational, measured approach to these overlapping emotional strains multiple self-images found all over the world. Contained, they may be harmless. Let loose - and the rest is foregone conclusion!

Patriotism and nationalism are social disorders and we would progress as humanity if we are to do away with these.

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Jiddu Krishnamurthi said when you say you are Indian or American or Muslim or Christian you are being violent. Because you are dividing humans into categories yet we all are same at the core. State is the one that redefined Jingoism as Patriotism in the first place, they have revert to educating people what Patriotism really means. First thing first get rid of Milli naghme, No other developed, educated country in world does that, this is not the way to do it. If state is not behaving like mother no amount of these songs will make people love thy country.

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You are right. The Indians lost it and the Pakistanis lost it. There was no victory in 65 by either side. Both failed, too many people died for nothing. It is easy to thump one's chest when one is standing on another's head or knee deep in another's blood. Generals and politicians make war, poor people die, many with bullets and many more from hunger.

Let us rise up and away from the myth that war is good. That our children must be named after invaders and looters.

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Let us open our minds to all and teach love, peace and the arts to our kids, not wars and invasions. Excellent blog. Nice to see that such moderates are striving hard to change the trends amongst the Pakistanis. I have worked with Pakistani colleagues. In Chennai, where I live the local hospitals have successfully treated Pakistani patients sometimes free. Thus there is a space for building the relationship. However, we feel hurt when repeatedly terrorism strikes India. Since independence, a whole new generation is born in both countries.

None of our history books in school, university etc. From this side of the fence, I fully agree with the author that patriotism need not mean anti India or Pakistan. India has grown to a Global status as it kept the border disputes etc. But we succeeded. You must focus on economic development. That alone can change Pakistan.

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I know mistakes and atrocities were done by both sides. But look at how many atrocities the colonials did to us as a people and a country yet we don't remember that. They raped our women, killed our parents, robbed our country. Do we remember that, do we remember how our people came together to fight colonial imperialism.

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We were brothers in arms, fighting for our freedom. We had a Cause we believed in. I have a very liberal outlook to life and don't believe in holding grudges, But i find it hard when i see all this killing and fighting, and for what to keep the politicians happy. Muhammad Khan - Patriotism is a tool to placate the poorly treated population. Urvashi But the contradiction is that hatred for that neighbor was the raison d'etre, not love or even respect.

In fact that contradiction will continue to sustain the state. Excellent article. Applies to India as well. There is so much to do in both India and Pakistan for the poor common people that we should forget war for next years. Patriotism — How much is too much? Farrukh Khan Pitafi Updated September 11, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. What patriotism is not A cursory glance at the realities of life in Pakistan will tell you that the weapons-grade jingoism and McCarthyism you come across is not patriotism.

There are countless examples around us already. What patriotism is In my humble view, patriotism is nothing but love. And the fight we know is far from over. The role of the Pakistani liberal and moderate In the past 67 years, as the state has pandered to extremist tendencies, the moderates and the liberals have faced crises of faith and betrayals of trust.

This pervasive insecurity is behind the bitterness and cynicism you see in this class. On the other hand, the state is facing a crisis of faith of its own, as it confronts multiple challenges: Its right wing allies are all gone. Meanwhile, a lot of blood has been spilled, and there is incredible pain. Back to patriotism Today, patriotism can work as cure. Let us then stop the disbelief and outrage, and work to build a more patriotic and open society.

Farrukh Khan Pitafi is an Islamabad-based television journalist. He tweets FarrukhKPitafi. Muzaffar Ali Sep 11, pm. Justice is Primary. Patriotism is Secondary As long as you don't cross the line into injustice. Recommend 0. Excellent ideas, totally agree with you. When Justice is combined with Compassion People will love Pakistan with their whole life. Justice plus Compassion Material and Spiritual. God bless the readers! Very sane article. The other day Ch. Nisar said "State will take action against those calling others infidels" I think it will be very hard for the state unless, constitution is rewritten.

You have courage to call a spade a spade. I like it. Muhammad Khan Sep 11, pm. Unfortunately, patriotism in Pakistan mostly means hating India. Really really sad!

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Patriotism creates unity among the people for a noble cause and trains them to tolerate one and other and sacrifice for the country. Patriotism is a virtue that converts a mob into nation. Nations rise and prosper if their individuals are united by a cord of love, sympathy and sincerity.

People learn to honour the freedom and independence of their country. They learn that they can prosper and progress if they have a deep natural relationship with their country. Birds fly towards their nests, children rush to take refuge in the lap of their mothers and human beings move towards their homes for peace and shelter, and so is our country. That gives us protection and peace. It is a sort of heaven for us. We should try our best to make it beautiful, secure, strong and peaceful. Our existence definitely depends on the existence and survival of our dear homeland. We can do so if we have the ultimate faith in our country.

We must not undermine our relationship and association which we have with our homeland by birth. Disciplined armed forces, hardworking and skilful craftsmen, diligent and committed women, and ambitious students have only one aim and that is to serve their country. They believe that their personal achievement will benefit not only themselves but also their country. They want to raise the flag of their country because they have a strong sense of patriotism. Love works wonders. Miracles are not beyond us if we are fired with the passion of patriotism.

Patriotism fills us with a magnetic force which overcomes all our petty differences of languages and creeds. You may also like Essay on National Unity. Being a true patriot, I love my country Pakistan. Patriotism means a selfless love of a person for his country and countrymen. It is natural love. It is a natural passion. We do not love our country only because it is beautiful. In fact, we love it because it is our native land.

We love it because we live in it. We breathe its air. We drink its sweet water. We eat its food. We enjoy its beautiful natural sights. The beasts too love their homes. If a man has no love for his country, he is worse than a beast. The names or great men shine in history because they, being true patriots, loved their country and countrymen. The names of the traitors are remembered with curses.

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  • essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan
    essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan
    essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan
    essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan
    essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan
    essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan
    essays on patriotism in pakistan Essays on patriotism in pakistan

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