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Players moving pieces along a track to be first to reach a goal was the archetypal board game format of the 18th and 19th century. Alex Andriesse looks at one popul… more.

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Ed Simon looks int… more. With its dreamlike inversions and kaleidoscopic cast of anthropomorphic objects, animals, and plants, the world of French artist J. Grandville is at once both de… more. With his extravagant dress, entourage of exotic pets, and morbid fascinations, Count Stenbock is considered one of the greatest exemplars of the Decadent movement.

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Citizens by the hundreds became compelled to dance, seemingly for no reason — jigging tra… more. Bernd Brunner on the English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse and how his book The Aquarium, complete with spectacular illustrations and a dizzy dose of religious… more. Expensive and laborious to produce, a single woodcut could be recycled to illustrate hundreds of different ballads, each new home imbuing the same image with often … more. The technique of intarsia — the fitting together of pieces of intricately cut wood to make often complex images — has produced some of the most awe-inspiring pi… more.

Benjamin Breen on the remarkable story of George Psalmanazar, the mysterious Frenchman who successfully posed as a native of Formosa now modern Taiwan and gave bi… more. When birds of paradise first arrived to Europe, as dried specimens with legs and wings removed, they were seen in almost mythical terms — as angelic beings foreve… more. For more than years the city of New Orleans has been known for the theatricality and extravagance of its Mardi Gras celebrations. Allison C. Meier looks at the … more. Bennett Gilbert peruses a sketchbook of 15th-century engineer Johannes de Fontana, a catalogue of designs for a wide-range of fantastic and often impossible inventi… more.

Feuding impresarios, a white-but-not-white-enough elephant, and racist ads for soap — Ross Bullen on how a bizarre episode in circus history became an unlikely fo… more. The destruction of Atlantis, cataclysmic comets, and a Manhattan tower made entirely from concrete and corpse — Carl Abbott on the life and work of a Minnesotan w… more.

Graham Burnett on meditations conjured by a visit to the death masks of the… more. The Berlin of the s is often associated with a certain image of excess and decadence, but it was a quite different side of the city — the sobriety and desolat… more. John Bevis explores the various feats of cunning and subterfuge undertaken by the Kearton brothers — among the very first professional wildlife photographers — … more.

Alicia Puglionesi explores a curious case of supposed dream telepathy at the end of the US Civil War, in which old ideas about the prophetic nature of dreaming coll… more. Donald S. Lopez, Jr. In the wake of recent political shifts and the dystopian flavour they carry for many, J. Pearl looks to the works of Daniel Defoe and the lessons they can teach u… more.

Sliced, stabbed, punctured, bleeding, harassed on all sides by various weaponry, the curious image of Wound Man is a rare yet intriguing presence in the world of me… more.

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Three hundred years after the death of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and seven hundred years after the death of Ramon Llull, Jonathan Gray looks at how their early visi… more. With their intricate line and often ghoulish tone, the works of Irish artist Harry Clarke are amongst the most striking in the history of illustration and stained g… more. The second essay in a two-part series in which Lily Ford explores how balloon flight transformed our ideas of landscape.

Here she looks at the phenomenon of the pan… more.

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  • The first essay in a two-part series in which Lily Ford explores how balloon flight transformed our ideas of landscape. We begin with a look at the unique set of im… more. Victorian sexuality is often considered synonymous with prudishness, conjuring images of covered up piano legs and dark ankle-length skirts.

    Historian Matthew Green… more. It is years since The Year Without a Summer, when a sun-obscuring ash cloud — ejected from one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history —… more. Largely forgotten today in the shadow of his more famous father, the 17th-century Flemish alchemist Francis van Helmont influenced and was friends with the likes of… more.

    Defecating ducks, talking busts, and mechanised Christs — Jessica Riskin on the wonderful history of automata, machines built to mimic the processes of intelligen… more. Keen to appear outward-looking and open to Western culture, in the Second King of Siam bestowed upon his son a most unusual name. Ross Bullen explores the curi… more. This year marks the th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, author of one of the best-loved and most frequently illustrated books in the history of l… more. With the twenty-six short comic dialogues that made up Dialogues of the Gods, the 2nd-century writer Lucian of Samosata took the popular images of the Greek gods an… more.

    Championed in his day by friend and fellow mystic W.

    Walt Whitman Essays

    Yeats, today the artist William T. Horton and his stark minimalistic creations are largely forgotten. Jon Cr… more. At the end of the 19th century, inspired by radical advances in technology, physicists asserted the reality of invisible worlds — an idea through which they sough… more. Hyperspace, ghosts, and colourful cubes — Jon Crabb on the work of Charles Howard Hinton and the cultural history of higher dimensions…. Obsessed with the smallest and seemingly least exciting of plants — mosses and liverworts — the 19th-century botanist Richard Spruce never achieved the fame of … more.

    Deadly fogs, moralistic diatribes, debunked medical theory — Brett Beasley explores a piece of Victorian science fiction considered to be the first modern tale of u… more. The majority of the digital copies featured are in the public domain or under an open license all over the world, however, some works may not be so in all jurisdictions. Strong Freedom in the Zone.

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    In many ways Whitman is modern because he is prophetic; he is a poet not only of America but of the whole of mankind. He has achieved the Olympian stature and the rare distinction of a world poet. Previous Themes in Leaves of Grass. Next Quiz. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks? Sign In. He does 'chant the crucial stage' and he is the 'voice triumphant. He is an exceedingly nauseating pill, but he accomplishes his mission.

    With the upcoming th anniversary, America's poets and critics have found unmediated love for our most American poet, the man who came to shape our ideas of nationhood, democracy, and freedom. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Poems for Kids. Poems for Teens. Lesson Plans.

    Teach this Poem. Poetry Near You. Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem.

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